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Microsoft Amping Up Adware Enforcement

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Microsoft is ramping up its restrictions surrounding Adware.

offlineadvertisingThe company has been working to ensure users aren’t constantly bombarded with advertisements when browsing. Last year Microsoft announced changes to its own criteria surrounding Adware and, while it’s been effective, there are still advertisements that can pop up as the technology around online advertising continues to expand.

However, as that technology changes so too is Microsoft’s approach.

“(W)e’re updating our Adware objective criteria to require that programs that create advertisements in browsers must only use the browsers’ supported extensibility model for installation, execution, disabling, and removal,” the company stated in a blog entry this week.

Essentially, the company stated, the choice rests in the hands of users and it’s doing everything to ensure that is respected and protected.

The enforcement of the new criteria begins in a few months.

However, Microsoft is, at the same time, encouraging developers in the advertising ecosystem to comply with the new criteria as they have until March to fall in line. During the lead up to enforcement developers can work with Microsoft to have their programs fixed to become compliant.

Those programs not compliant by the March 2016 deadline will be not only detected but also removed.

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