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Time Warner Cable Warning Customers of Potential Breach

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The details are few, but Time Warner Cable is warning customers some of their information may have been stolen.

Time WarnerApproximately 320,000 of the cable company’s customers have been notified of a suspected privacy breach resulting in passwords and e-mail addresses being stolen. The company itself has only a limited amount of information because it wasn’t anyone within the company that caught the alleged breach.

“We are in the process of notifying approximately 320,000 customers across our markets of the possible breach,” a company spokeswoman was quoted as telling PC Mag. “The information we received from the FBI is limited but there are no indications that TWC’s systems were breached.”

It is believed the e-mail addresses and passwords may have been stolen through malware downloaded during phishing attacks or via data breaches of other companies that store customer information. Those customers impacted are believed to be users of Time Warner’s Roadrunner service, or those whose e-mail addresses end in “”

Customers are being contacted and advised they should take precautions such as changing their password.

“Additionally,” a company spokesperson told CNet, “through our website we provide several tips for how to navigate the Web more carefully and how to avoid phishing schemes.”

The discovery of the breach was made by the FBI and was part of a larger investigation that involved other Internet providers. However, what other β€” if any β€” providers have been impacted has not been reported.

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