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January 11, 2016

4 Inventive Ways to Rack Up Sales in 2016

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Competing in the online marketplace is a dog eat dog business; there are constantly new companies and platforms emerging to edge out rival products, services and technologies. With several already established major businesses in nearly every niche imaginable, it can be an extremely challenging feat to gain the attention and traffic necessary for substantial conversions and sales.

For these reasons, and many more, organizations have to get creative with the ways they not only market their products, but sell them as well. While going to websites like Amazon and Shopify, and leveraging social media, which can be a great starting place to make a few dollars, it takes more innovation and critical thinking to truly gain a leg up.

To help your 2016 be your most prosperous year to date, here are four clever ways to sell your products online:


Spaces in a new eCommerce platform where business can create their own online retail space and landing pages with integrated payment options, free of hassle and technical know-how. Retailers can list anything from digital products to physical goodies, services, subscriptions and much more. Because there’s no limit to the amount of items you can sell at one time, Spaces provides a grand alternative to establishing a monster eCommerce site.

Online storefronts can be set up in mere minutes because Spaces is intuitive and straightforward to use. Payments can be taken from all over the globe in a variety of forms including credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer and more. Pricing is reasonable too; starting up with Spaces is free of charge and the first $50 made every month is also free. Anything above that is simply $9 per month plus a three percent transaction fee.


Robora is a service with the intent of helping businesses sell anything, anyway they like. With robora, retailers can sell digital and physical products, services, subscriptions, and offer similar offers. This platform always gives users the option to create daily deals, showcase a donation tool for any cause your company wants to support, and waitlists for products. Additionally, robora allows retailers to sell pre-orders and use a ‘name your price’ tool that allows customers to pay what they want; just set a minimum and maximum price and you are ready to go.

Businesses can sell their products right on the robora website or even from their own sites; just drop a simple line of code into your existing site and robora will be fully integrated. Robora is an excellent tool for any business looking to expand their bottom line.


Helium is another great platform for those who do not want to manage a business website, but still need to sell their products, services, digital files, etc. If you do have a website already established, Helium is capable of a seamless integration. There is no need to build any sort of shopping cart or checkout solution — the platform handles it all, including transactions, order management, file hosting, and much more. If you seek a customized shopping experience, Helium’s API can work wonders.

All retailers need to do to get started with Helium is set up a free account and establish a Stripe login. From there, the platform charges a two percent transaction fee in addition to Stripe’s service fees. And with checkout available on mobile as well, Helium taps into all the markets you need to gain more customers and more sales.


For those that sell purely digital products, SendOwl is the place to be. This platform offers a simple yet secure way to sell digital goods online, all across the world. SendOwl supports nearly every language and automatically displays checkout pages in people’s native dialect so that no potential customers are excluded. With a variety of payment options available, SendOwl makes it wonderfully simple to make a transaction. With tons of customization options at the ready, SendOwl helps companies keep their brand messaging consistent throughout.

One of the best parts of the SendOwl platform is that these folks don’t take a cut of your sales. Since the company strongly believes that retailers should receive the totality of their sales, a small monthly fee of $9 to $39 per month is all that is charged.

Big Cartel

If your business focuses more on the artistic, musical, or crafty side of things, then Big Cartel may be right for you. For those who are just getting their business off the ground, Big Cartel provides merchants with all of the essential features for establishing a small online shop including the ability to add or remove products, alter prices, track inventory, and accommodate promotions or sales. Additionally, the platform allows for stores that contain only five products to be set up for free and will never incur any costs unless more items are added. If you do have a need to expand, pricing is extremely affordable ranging from $1-$30 per month.

Big Cartel is extremely simple to use and offers three free themes to get your store set-up. The platform also offers great tools like integration with Google Analytics, the ability to create discount codes, marketing and promotional offers, and many more.

These are just a few ways your company can think outside of the box for the upcoming New Year. Yes, our digital marketplace is a massively competitive landscape and that alone should provide you with the incentive you need to get out there and utilize new tactics and resources. Use that as inspiration to get creative; it is through using tools like these that can set you above the crowd and get you the attention you need and deserve.

What unique ways will your company be selling products in 2016? What is your favorite option from the list above?


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