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January 12, 2016

4 Key SEO Strategies You Need to Know

SEO Targeting
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SEO, or search engine optimization, is about exploring ways to generate better visibility and higher search engine rankings for your brand. A digital marketing agency specializes in the task of elevating the reach and impact of businesses on digital platforms to help them improve their engagement and communication with their target audience. In doing so, an increased interaction and two-way communication is often sought and achieved to benefit both the parties in the process – brands and Web users.

As every brand has specific needs, its SEO requirements should also differ with target-oriented and objectives-driven optimization. Based on that, marketers devise and plan an optimization strategy where a number of techniques and methods are implemented to achieve the enhanced customer engagement target. In a sense, different approaches are natural when it comes to SEO services to align specific goals with channels-enabled campaigns.

It is, therefore, not hard to imagine different SEO strategies that find prominence in the market and vie for attention. Your business is served the best by a strategy that considers its domain nuances, market challenges, competition complexities and alterations of trends. In essence, it all boils down to what your business needs at specific point in time.

A digital marketing agency must understand that there are four different SEO strategies to know fully and leverage, including:

Local SEO

As the name suggests, a local SEO strategy helps those brands that are more focused on a specific location or area not very far from the existence of their business. Such a strategy is devised to cater to those users that are either in the immediate vicinity of the business or anywhere close by. Herein, the searches are likely to contain keywords and phrases that seek results within the city, town, neighbourhood or any near-about radius of the business.

In a sense, a local SEO strategy works best in cases where brands are looking to engage customers or users in a specific location or area which relates to their business. Such strategies are not restricted to websites alone — they involve participation in local events and sharing feeds on social platforms. Other activities often involve creation of local profiles, registering on directory sites and submitting to data aggregators.

In essence, this strategy aims at those businesses that are more inclined toward catching the fancies of users located in or around a specific locale or area or a place.

Barnacle SEO

This strategy stems from the way an eponymous marine creatures behaves – attach yourself to a much bigger and larger surface or target and then feed on whatever floats around to sustain. A barnacle SEO strategy is perfect for low-ranked businesses and helps them derive feeds and ranking virtues that the bigger site delivers, courtesy the attachment. In a way, every search for that bigger site is sure to tag along the attached one to rub off some benefits in the process.

This strategy can be leveraged to the core using methods like business listings and optimized profiles. Herein, the major task involves a search and identification of sites that are worth being attached to. Marketers need to review sites and directors using domain-specific keywords and phrases to get the maximum mileage out of the synergy. In this strategy, going out-of-the-box and showing your creative side is going to make the difference.

In essence, this strategy perfectly suits businesses that may lack a big budget to compete with renowned brands, but do not lack the ambition to go as far as possible.

National SEO

While a local SEO strategy is tied to a physical location, National SEO has no such compulsions to adhere to. Such strategies are fit for businesses whose presence is pan-national and they need not look at different local markets for improved rankings and results. Such businesses will have products or services that anyone can have access to in the geographical boundaries of a nation, irrespective of the sub-location. Such strategies perfectly fit to those whose canvas of reach and scale is vast.

Marketers using this strategy will have their task cut out – they need not insert any location reference while promoting the brand. In a sense, products and services need no other description to tag them. This strategy works best when search results are evaluated for similar nature of keywords or phrases and elements of top-ranked national brands are analyzed. Overall, this means no more local focus in SEO.

This strategy is perfect for those businesses that have a particular country or nation in mind, and those who are not much bothered about any location within that country.

Technical SEO

It’s indeed true that SEO strategies are often delivered according to specific requirements of businesses or brands. One strategy, however, that is largely demand-neutral is technical SEO because it involves keeping a tab on the back-end site of the website. Technical SEO becomes even more important in cases where either back-end is not known or skilled people are not around to help with unexpected challenges.

Given its vast implications, it must be a part of an overall SEO strategy of brands irrespective of scale and requirements. Hiring someone with technical expertise can help a great deal in overcoming those sudden challenges you’re neither aware of nor well-equipped to deal with. This is an SEO strategy that no business can escape or ignore — the consequences would be severe.

In this strategy, areas of focus centre around technical elements alone and may include regular inspection of load time of the pages, evaluation of title tags, page titles, image titles, image descriptions etc. In short, it’s all about monitoring errors that may limit the potential of the website.



Digital marketing strategies need to cater to industry-specific requirements of brands. Rankings and visibility are two of the main advantages businesses seek at any cost, and their big investment is ample proof of that. SEO is capable of bringing major thrust to a brand’s online presence and it must be delivered in a way that precisely meets and exceeds the requirement. Hiring a top-rated SEO company is almost half the battle won — the next half involves prompting it to utilize best strategy to suit your business.


Abhilash Tyagi is a SEO analyst. He enjoys reading and writing posts on topics that provide useful information to readers. He is currently employed with Mind Digital Group – an independent digital agency providing offshore Web development, salesforce development, best SEO services, digital marketing, social media, website development and design. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.