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Microsoft Releases Patches for Explorer, Edge

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Some major flaws are being patched by Microsoft with the launch of some needed security bandages.

Microsoft-logoTuesday saw the company release a handful of new patches for everything from Edge — the Windows 10 browser — to Office to Explorer. In most cases, the flaws would allow hackers to take control of a system.

Microsoft quietly posted the patches to its Tech Net page without providing any comment on any of the updated material. However, the patches received some attention, especially with Windows 8 getting the death blow as support for the operating system has officially been discontinued.

But, in the handful of patches issued, users should be aware of the Internet Explorer flaw that can be fixed with one of the patches. As ZDNet reported, the flaw could allow attackers to trick a user into visiting a webpage crafted precisely to execute the flaw. If the user should visit the site an attacker could gain all the user’s rights placing the administrator at a great risk.

It’s a similar issue with Edge users. Though the browser is still relatively new there’s already been a major flaw detected.

The flaw is similar to that of the Explorer issue in that it too allows an attacker to remotely execute code from a specially-crafted webpage.

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