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5 Tips for Getting Loyal Instagram Followers Effortlessly

Instagram has grown to become one of the leading social media platforms in the world today. When it comes to entertainment, sharing opportunities, inspiration for business owners and even creating an online presence for your business, Instagram is one of the social media sites that you cannot ignore. Several tweaks have been made to the platform recently making it possible for the user experience to become better every single time. Using Instagram, however, can be difficult and even discouraging at first. For best results, you need many followers who will help to share your content.

Problem with Instagram followers 

Like with most other social media sites, Instagram users are looking for simplicity, quality and fun. There is no time to be proud on social media. You have to be fun, interesting and worth following or no one will bother following you. This is one of the major problems many Instagram users have: being interesting. What is it that your followers would find interesting? It can be a really hard question to answer.

Another problem? Disloyal followers. These are the people who will follow you so that you follow them back. Once you have followed them they unfollow you. No one wants to follow more people than those who are following him/her. Somehow it makes the individual appear to be lacking in authority.

It would be unfair not to mention the fact that getting industry influencers to follow you and be interested in your content is hard. The goal that everyone using social media sites like Instagram and Twitter should be focusing on is getting influencers to follow them. A single share from these individuals will put your content in the line of being viewed by thousands and sometimes even millions of individuals on social media.

Getting the right followers on Instagram 

There are several things you can do to get a good number of Instagram followers. Remember that you do not want just any followers. It is possible to have thousands of followers with only 10 or 20 of them active on Instagram. This is quite disappointing, right? The target should be getting Instagram followers who will be sharing your content online frequently. Here are some tips that will help you to attract these individuals:

1. Stick to a theme 

When you check out the most prominent personalities on Instagram, you will find that the majority of them stick to a specific theme. Posting content from a variety of themes sounds like a good idea but it isn’t sustainable. Instagram followers want you to prove yourself a reliable expert on a particular topic. If it is fashion let it be fashion — do not go posting stories about oil dredging machines and a supernova that was recently discovered by NASA.

2. Have a schedule 

Instagram is a business to some people and they make money from it. In fact you can make tons of money through social media. This means that you should set a posting schedule for your content. It is crucial that your followers know when they can expect a new picture. Your audience will be expecting a rhythm to be set and stuck to. So, if you plan to be a daily person then you have to post daily. This helps you to build a loyal following on Instagram.

3. Do not bore people 

This is one very important rule to live by if you want to get Instagram followers who will help create your online presence. There is something that people are stalking your account for. Is it photos of the sunset in various parts of the world or perhaps it is your naughty cat? Make sure that you give them what they are looking for. However this is not to say that you should post the same old photos of your happy-face kitten over and over again. Be creative with your content. It could be something like sunset in London, followed by the sunset in Nairobi or perhaps the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. A themed Instagram account is prone to becoming too repetitive and you definitely do not want that.

4. Use interesting hashtags 

Hashtags foster interest. They are a clever way to get more people viewing your content. Make sure, however, that you avoid those common hashtags that are going to put your content in a file of billions of other posts. For instance if you are going to post a photo of your dog then why would you want to use #dog? This is too common a hashtag and it is in millions if not billions of photos.

Think of something clever for your hashtags. Did you take a photo of your psychologist friend doing crazy things? You can go for something like #psychologists-behaving-like-patients. It should be something that will tempt people to check your content.

5. Be careful with hashtags 

Hashtags are good but they can bee dangerous. Do not use too many of them to start with. This is a mistake that many people make when they are using Instagram. Secondly do not hijack a hashtag just because you can. You are posting photos of architecture but then you have hashtags like #things-Jesus-did-not-die-for. This hashtag is totally unrelated to your content and you do not want people to be disappointed when they find content that is unrelated to the hashtag.


Instagram is a fun social media site but one that can be ridiculously difficult to use if you do not know how to go about it. This is why employing the above tips will be so helpful. Use hashtags properly, be creative and interesting and set a rhythm for your audience. Finally, do not be discouraged by people who unfollow you. Focus instead, on your target audience.

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