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January 15, 2016

Learn to Use LSI Keywords Effectively

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Ranking on Google for bigger focus keywords is getting harder every day because of the growing competition.

Luckily, there are existing ways through Keyword Research to overcome such competition. LSI Keywords are part of the solution to this problem.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.  A LSI keyword is a phrase that has words that are similar to your main keyword — it is often a synonym. They are also semantically related to your primary keyword. Search engines, such as Google, use Latent Semantic Indexing as part of its search analysis, when trying to decide what websites will show up in its search results.

What’s the difference between LSI and Long Tail Keywords?

LSI can be considered related search terms, whereas long-tailed are related but more closely based on the main term.

How to Find LSI Keywords 

Simply use Google to search a keyword and than look at what Google highlights in the description of the results. This will give you a good list of LSI keywords to use.

The easiest way to find LSI keywords is by picking out one of your keywords and doing a search for it in Google’s search bar. As you type out the keyword, Google will automatically give a list of words or phrases that match your keyword.

Another way to get a list of valuable LSI keywords is by doing a search for your keyword, then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the first page of results. There you will find a small section titled “searches related to keyword.” All of these related searches are excellent LSI keywords that you can use .

LSI Keywords Tools- Keyword Suggestion Tools:

1. LSIGraph

LSI Graph is a handy LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword generator.

Enter a keyword and get a list of terms that you can sprinkle into your content.


2.Suggestion Keyword FinderSimply enter a keyword or keyword phrase in the available field to get a list of related keywords.

You can use this information to discover new keyword opportunities your competitors may be ignoring.

Make sure to check “Level 3” so you gain access to the largest list of keywords.

3. Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a tool that lets you find search patterns that correspond with real-world trends and offers related keywords that you can use as LSI keywords.

It shows you keywords that tend to get searched for together.

4. SEOPressor  is one of the most popular plugins for finding LSI keywords.

How do you use LSI Keywords?

1. Choosing the right LSI keywords

Depending on the target of your article, you would want to make sure you are using only the most relevant LSI keywords in your article.

2. Implementing the right LSI keywords

Some places where it is suitable for you to use your LSI Keywords:

a. Title tag b. Description tag

c. Header tags

d. Permalinks

e. Anchor texts

f. Beginning and ending of article (paragraph)

g. Another trick for using LSI keywords is to replace any of the regular keywords you are ranking for with LSI keywords


Best practices of LSI Keywords for SEO:

Having LSI keywords an article will make it SEO-friendly and relevant.

1. Use at least two LSI keyword phrases within your content in addition to your main keyword.

2. Use each no more than two times in the content.

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Burim Bekteshi is a medical student and SEO enthusiast. Follow him at SEO Basics-Search Engine Optimization Tips