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BlackBerry Defends Its Smartphones, Says They Are as Secure as Ever

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BlackBerry is defending the security of its devices after a police agency in the Netherlands said it was able to easily read encrypted messages on the company’s Smartphones.

The Canadian Smartphone maker, which has always been known for its top-notch security, said its devices are just as “secure and private as they have always been.”

BlackBerry Classic“BlackBerry does not have any details on the specific device or the way that it was configured, managed or otherwise protected, nor do we have details on the nature of the communications that are claimed to have been decrypted,” the company said in a brief blog post.

“If such an information recovery did happen, access to this information from a BlackBerry device could be due to factors unrelated to how the BlackBerry device was designed, such as user consent, an insecure third party application, or deficient security behavior of the user.”

The company went on to reassure users of its devices that there are no backdoors in its devices, meaning it cannot share device passwords with law enforcement or anyone else.

“In other words, provided that users follow recommended practices, BlackBerry devices remain as secure and private as they have always been,” the company added.

The company’s comments come after it was reported last week that the Netherlands Forensic Institute said it was able to access messages. It is believed the NFI, which assists law enforcement agencies in forensic evidence retrieval, was only able to do so if it had access to the actual handsets.

“We are capable of obtaining encrypted data from BlackBerry PGP devices,” Tuscha Essed, a press officer from the NFI, told Motherboard in an e-mail.

It is thought the NFI was trying to access the devices because it believed organized criminal groups could be using the Smartphones.


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  • Well, I think Blackberry phones are not as much as popular they were after Samsung, iPhone because they grab all the market of smartphone lovers. So it is impossible to recover that fame which it had.

  • I agree that the user is more than likely the reason for the security issue. Downloading third party apps that want complete access to your phone are usually suspect. Blackberry may have lost market share but still have a large following.

  • The security of the smartphone is a matter of concern of blackberry as it is a major loophole to read an encrypted message.This would likely impact the image of the company.