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Samsung Highlighting Retail Products at BIG Show 2016

From a smooth transaction to attracting customers into the store to keeping them engaged once in the establishment, Samsung has some suggestions and products for retailers.

BIG showThose products will be on display this week during the National Retail Federation‘s BIG Show in New York. Samsung will be explaining to retail businesses how to engage their customers not only when in their stores but before they enter and even during a physical sale.

“As online shopping continues to grow in popularity and millennials emerge as the most populous generation, retailers face the challenge to provide custom, seamless in-store experiences for today’s connected shoppers,” stated vice-president of vertical business at Samsung Electronics America Ted Brodheim in a company press release. “Samsung is committed to meeting retailer’s most pressing needs and providing technology that drives engagement and sales.”

These digital technology products include a mall wayfinding sign, tablets for associates to use to keep track of customer appointments, digital mirror merchandising, video cameras that can pick up characteristics and create profiles of potential customers and even payment terminals.

Samsung knows retailers need all the technology they can access to remain vital and vibrant in today’s changing and challenging economic times. These products can be used — individually or together — to help retain customers, attract them and put businesses in the forefront.

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