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Tips For Perfect Call To Action To Boost Conversion Rate

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Imagine yourself as a brick and mortar shop owner. You have scoured the length and breadth of Milan, Paris and New York for the latest designer wear and swanky accessories and your store is stocked with the latest offerings, signature dresses, seasons’ couture, and chic accessories created by designers from around the world. People do come to your store, spend some time admiring your collection but don’t purchase anything. All you are left with is empty admiration.

Taking this analogy to an online setting; you may have a great website with quality content and people may be visiting your website, but if you don’t see any action being taken, you will not benefit.

No matter what type of online business you run, your ultimate goal is changing browsers into buyers. But with the bevy of distractions that the Internet presents, all it takes is one click of the mouse to move from one website to another. So how do you survive in this short-attention economy? A call-to-action can help you to not only grab the much-needed attention of your visitor, but to have the capacity to turn them into your buyers. They are perhaps the most important part of your website as they can drive users to take a desired action and help your website achieve your objectives. Check out the tips below to find out the best formulas for creating persuasive calls-to-action.

Color Matters

Never make the mistake of downplaying your call-to-action button. Avoid subtle colors like white, gray and black. Your call-to-action (CTA) needs to stand out and grab attention. It doesn’t have to clash with other elements of your webpage but should be the first element users notices. Play with different colors and gradients to see which color button stands out the most.

Multiple CTAs

Gone are the days when only one CTA used to be the norm. Now you can add multiple CTAs on one page — but ensure that they don’t look crammed in and don’t compete with one another.


The placement of CTA is very important. Add it in an obscure corner of your page and forget about conversions. Ideally the CTA should be the most prominent button on the page to receive maximum visual focus and attention. Typically, the user’s attention moves horizontally before going down vertically suggesting that the strategic location should be headers, side-panels and footer. However, it is always best to test what works with your visitors and then place the CTA where it gains maximum attention.

Take the ‘You’ Approach

Instead of telling them what to do, tell them what they get. For instance, if you want them to download your whitepaper, instead of using words like ‘download’ use words like ‘get insight on…’ The CTA should focus on the value it provides to the visitor instead of asking them for a certain action.

Action Oriented

The button copy should be simple, short, easy to understand, universal and placed just right. Use words that suggest actions and momentum. It also helps to create urgency in your visitors by using timing words like ‘limited time offer,’ ‘now,’ and ‘today.’

Along with the above tips, keep the tone positive and the button size sensible and clickable. Always test to see what works best for your landing page. Not all pages work the same way and what may seem to work for others may not work for you. The best solution is to keep analyzing and tweaking your efforts to optimize the CTA.

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