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January 20, 2016

Google Testing App Install From Search Results

Feature Eliminates Need to Visit Google Play Store

A few less keystrokes can save time and frustration and Google is, apparently, embracing the idea when it comes to downloading apps.

google-play-store-logo-2-650x0While the feature has not rolled out to all users there have been reports of the ability to download an app via search results. Google is known for testing features quietly before making them available to all users and this looks like another example.

Generally, when a user is looking for a new Android app they have to go through the Google Play store, but that’s probably changing. Android Police reports users can test the idea out now by searching for an app through Google and then watch the top of the search results as users have reported the app appearing there with an ‘install’ button next to it.

The option may not work for all users, as reported by PC Mag, some some Android users are seeing the option pop up on their screens. The process apparently carries the same steps as going through the Google Play site with permissions being requested, but it does eliminate the need to go to the site and specifically seek out an app.

Google’s made no announcement on the feature and has not replied to media requests for comments, but it certainly appears the feature is being tested and, likely, will be rolling out in a wider spectrum in the coming months.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.