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Verizon Launches Sponsored Data Service

Data consumers can now have some of that consumption provided at no charge thanks to the company’s providing it.

verizon-logoVerizon is introducing an interesting way for customers to receive mobile content without eating into their data. Essentially, the new service – called FreeBee Data – will have companies purchase data for the delivery of specific content. It sounds similar to television commercials as consumers will see certain content without worrying about it eating into their monthly data allotment because a company has already paid the bill.

“With 1 in 3 Americans now watching videos on their smartphone, and another 100 million on tablets, the business case for mobile is clear,” Verizon’s vice president of consumer products, Colson Hillier, stated in a company release. “In today’s digital economy, FreeBee Data is a departure from the one size fits all approach to marketing. The opportunity to add value and utility to consumers’ everyday experiences will fundamentally transform how brands and businesses connect with their customers.”

The new plan, FreeBee Data 360, was launched on a beta basis Tuesday. Content providers interested in the service can sponsor data for Verizon post-paid consumers with a beta trial of the ‘pay-per-click’ service launching on Jan. 25. Some brands have already signed up with those content providers sponsoring some mobile content for 1,000 test subscribers.

“By building capabilities to help brands promote their content and applications, our new FreeBee Data service is a powerful tool designed to help marketers take an active part in consumers’ mobile lives,” Hillier continued. “There’s never too much of a good thing when it comes to engaging customers with great content. We look forward to providing our Verizon Wireless subscribers with more options to access amazing content without data charges, just by being one of our valued customers.”

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