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Get Your Videos Ranked Easily with These Simple Yet Important Tactics

Don’t you think there should be a way to land in the first position in Google’s search results without back-breaking traditional SEO?

The Way of the Video

Ever since Google began paying more attention to its blended outcomes, webmasters have had an incredible chance to jump directly to the first page of search results by creating video content. Videos are playing an important role in business growth — but you need to know how to optimize videos for your business.

Studies have revealed that videos are more than 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of results when it comes to blended results. While the bad news is that this leads to the fall of web pages, the good news is if you take advantage of using videos to appear on the first page, you can definitely get a distinct leg up on your competitors.

Statistics show about 17 percent of users spend less than four seconds on a website, but they can willingly spend 2.7 minutes watching a video online. What else do you need to know?

Video is powerful. Hence, you can use this tool effectively to get a hike in your Google rankings.

How? Check out the tips and tactics to make your video content tool pack more of a punch.

1. Quality Comes First – Creating a video is not helpful unless it is of high quality. A video with poor sound quality and visualization will not hold your audience. Remember, the video content you publish directly represents your brand. Your video should be of high-quality and benefit-driven to keep your viewers engaged. More engagement means more comments, likes, and shares, which will, consequently, increase your popularity and result in a better ranking.


2. Use Keywords in Title and Description– Google reads words to distinguish the purpose and aim of content, so using precise search query phrases to describe your video will go a long way. Take measures to learn about the tactics of using keywords, selecting a keyword phrase per video, and using that keyword phrase in your video.

The title of the video is really important in boosting your video’s ranking, so don’t forget to use keywords in the title. Try to use keyword at the beginning of the title if possible — it can help a lot. Use relevant keywords in the description of your video too.


3. Use Transcript Code

A transcript code is the text version of your video. The transcript code can also help boost the ranking of your video. With only title and tags, Google won’t be able to tell much about your video. But a transcript code containing the keywords can actually help. So make sure you add a script to your video.


4. Take Advantage of YouTube Video Hosting 

YouTube is an easy way to host videos. It is the second largest search engine with one billion unique users every month. Hence, if you want your video to rank on Google, you should also make an effort to rank it in YouTube. For this, create a rich-media content page on your website that supports embedded video. Moreover, the content landing page should include text and images that describe or enhance your video.


5. Sitemaps and Schema 

Besides including videos on your site, making and submitting a Video Sitemap for all your videos will help Google know the descriptions about all the videos on your website. By doing this, Google directs users to your site rather than directing to YouTube or similar platforms.


Google considers Schema “a recommended way to define videos on the Web” and, as such, adding schema to your video is highly recommended. This helps make your video fully optimized and available to search spiders.

6. Create Links for Your Video 

Another useful way to boost up the ranking of your videos is to create backlinks for your video. You should link your video to articles you share on your blog page or on any external websites. This will really hike the ranking of your video.


7. Take a Help of Social Media-

To rank your video in Google search, social media can play an important role. Post your video on your social media profile, if you want it to be noticed by Google. Sync your YouTube account with your social media profiles, so that whenever you publish video on YouTube, it will automatically be posted on your social accounts.


The Bottom Line

If you take the time to optimize your videos in the ways discussed above, you’ll receive more traffic than your competitors.

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