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Start-up Plans to Release Enhanced Security Device

Security risks never sleep but a new product is doing its part to reduce threats and provide users with peace of mind.

lightfactorCyber security start-up Lightfactor announced Monday it plans to release the Qiwi device later this year. The small, unassuming piece of hardware looks similar to a headphone jack, but instead of allowing anything out of a phone or tablet it’s designed to keep the most precious material – data – confined to the device.

“We saw a need in the marketplace for a new kind of mobile identity and authentication solution,” Jeff Cesnik, founder and president of Lightfactor, stated in a company press release.

“There were no solutions out there that address the needs of the enterprise and government while remaining cross-platform, low-cost and easy to use – so we created Qiwi. Best of all, it uses energy harvesting – so it doesn’t need batteries, and never wears out,” he added.

Credentials and keys are stored on Qiwi, not on the mobile platform. Qiwi simply plugs into current-generation iOS and Android phones and tablets without an adaptor. It can be moved from device to device quickly and easily, which is important for people who use multiple devices on a daily basis. Since Qiwi doesn’t use radio frequency for power or communications, it isn’t susceptible to RF-based attacks and only operates when it’s plugged in.

There’s been no specifics provided on when the Qiwi is expected to be released or what the asking price may be for the device.

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