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Facebook Expanding Audience Network Reach

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Facebook’s 2.5 million advertisers now have an extended reach thanks to a change to the social media site’s approach to mobile.

offlineadvertisingA blog post Tuesday explained Facebook’s Audience Network is expanding. The expansion includes support for the mobile Web, meaning Facebook advertisers will be able to reach more of the potential customers they’ve been aiming to engage.

Facebook’s Mike Murphey said the Audience Network,for roughly 16 months, has been allowing publishers and advertisers to experience real value to the tune of an annual run rate of $1 billion according to fourth quarter 2015 numbers.

“Our focus is on creating real outcomes for advertisers, such as sales or app installs, and providing publishers with a metric to optimize towards with our Advertiser Outcome Score,” wrote Murphey in Tuesday’s post. “Unlike other networks, the Audience Network rewards quality publishers based on the value they create for advertisers.”

Without the expansion, publishers would have to to rely on the limited options previously available to create rich advertisements for people visiting their mobile sites. After several months of testing with companies such as USA Today Sports Media Group and Time Inc., though, Facebook is ready to launch the expansion and enable publishers to benefit.

“Publishers can now leverage our fully customizable native units, and innovative formats like carousel ads that showcase multiple images to create unique ad experiences that match the look and feel of their mobile website,” wrote Murphey. “We’re also helping publishers create easy-to-implement native versions of standard formats, such as 300×250 medium rectangle, to improve the ads experience of every ad served from Audience Network.”

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  • Well, this is really a good news especially for those who run their business with social media advertising. This feature can help to all small business persons who can expand their audience by Facebook advertising.

  • Advertising trend has been changed. In the past, people used to market their product through billboards, pamphlets etc. But all marketers are using different social media tools for their marketing now because, in social media, lots of people can see their ads.