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Google Sells 5M Cardboard VR Viewers

Google’s economical take on virtual reality is really starting to take off.

The tech firm today announced it has now shipped five million of its $20 Cardboard VR viewers.

Google CardboardCardboard, a project launched by Google to make virtual reality an affordable pastime for everyone, uses software to bring 3D viewing to a standard Smartphone placed within a $20 cardboard frame.

There has been more than 25 million downloads of VR compatible apps from the Google Play Store and more than 350,000 hours of YouTube content watched via Cardboard’s viewing mode.

“With just Cardboard and the Smartphone in your pocket, you can travel to faraway places and visit imagined worlds,” Google vice-president of virtual reality Clay Bavor said in a blog post.

“Since then everyone from droid lovers and Sunday edition subscribers, to big kids and grandmas have been able to enjoy VR—often for the very first time.”

Cardboard can support phones with screens up to six inches and has a button that works with any handset. The cardboard frame assembles (and disassembles) in three quick steps.

Google uses a ring-shaped camera system called Jump to capture 360-degree videos for Cardboard users to view via YouTube.

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