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Yahoo Overhauls Homepage, App

Yahoo wants to be relevant.

Yahoo_LogoThe company, recently plagued with internal turmoil as board members have demanded changes within the corporate structure, made a minor announcement Thursday. There’s no changes in the management positions, but restructuring has taken place at its homepage and app.

As consumption and demand for information has changed Yahoo has rejigged itself so breaking news stories are readily available and, for those who want to, comments flow just as quickly.

“As we worked to build this new experience, we looked to the latest mobile trends to guide us. In 2015, news and magazine apps usage alone grew 141% (Flurry Trend Report), demonstrating huge interest in discovering, consuming and engaging around great content from around the web. Whether you consume content through the Yahoo app or on the homepage, you’ll find it consistent across platforms,” explained Yahoo senior vice president Simon Khalaf in the tumblr post outlining the changes.

Users who are used to opening individual articles in various tabs should find it a smoother experience with the ability to simply scroll through related stories inline. Yahoo’s editors also pick some of the important stories users need to know, alongside content most relevant to them.

And, of course, the more a user uses the site the more intuitive it comes to include stories and videos relevant to their interests.

In today’s age, of course, users love being able to share their views and Yahoo’s made that even easier by having the site update surface comments directly in-line, making it easy to share and hear reactions.

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