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February 1, 2016

The iCloud Service from Apple — Analyzing its Extraordinary Popularity

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Apple’s iCloud service remains ever popular. With the increasing demand of iPhones, iPads, and other apple devices, the demand for the cloud from apple will always exist and will only skyrocket in the future. With iCloud, it is possible to connect you with your entire spectrum of Apple devices in many spectacular ways. iCloud makes it possible for users to always have the latest versions of the information such as documents and photos on whatever device you are using.

What is a cloud?

For people, who are new to cloud terminology, let us briefly spend some time to understand what this actually means. In information technology, the cloud is a storage network on the Internet where people can store their files, photos, music, games, etc. with ease. The cloud, therefore, has become a central location that, in actuality, is a remote server, instead of being confined to a standalone computer. This revolutionary technology helps people to easily store larger files such as videos, large documents etc.

Various types of cloud services

A cloud can be classified as private, public, or hybrid, according to its use. A private cloud is created within a data center of a particular business and entrusted with the task of disseminating information as well as providing security to internal users. Since this cloud is versatile in nature, it preserves management, control and security.

However, in case of a public cloud, this has a third-party provider that delivers the cloud service over the Internet. The distinguishing characteristic of this type of cloud service is that it is sold on demand typically by the minute or by the hour. Here, customers only need to pay for the computing resources that are used by them, such as in CPU cycles, storage, or network bandwidth.

In contrast, a hybrid model is a mix of both the above stated models. Generally speaking, cloud services are very simple to use. You can simply drag and drop files as you do for a hard drive. Accessing files on-the-go is also simple. You just need to access the cloud service’s mobile app. Popular cloud services include Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox.

Apple’s iCloud service – making it easy for you

With the help of Apple’s iCloud service, you can access music, photos, apps, and other information from multiple devices. The best part about iCloud is that you can connect to the entire spectrum of Apple’s devices in many ways. The cloud service makes sure that you can easily share information and documentation with your friends, acquaintances and family. You can still get Web-only access to create as well as share documents using the on-board software such as pages, numbers, and keynote. For this, you will need to sign in to and proceed further from there.

The Various Features of iCloud – Only adding to its popularity

With iCloud, you will need an Internet connection. Also, some iCloud features will have minimum system requirements. Yet another fact is that iCloud may not be available in all areas and the services that iCloud offers varies by area. Actually, you do not need to pay for iCloud, but as an iCloud user, you might want to use its fullest potential. In this case you will need to buy more storage from Apple.

With iCloud, you can sync you data between devices easily. This service includes an online copy of your data. Also, you can check your iCloud mail online, view your calendar, or even find a lost iPhone and a lot more. You will need an Apple ID and a password to use iCloud on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows.

With iCloud, you can sync your information as well as data from your iPhone to your iCloud and then again to your iPad, Mac, and to Windows. You can also back up your iPhone and iPad photos so your photos are safe in case any thing goes wrong with your iPhone. You can also use the service to back up your iPhone completely so that you can restore it and get all your apps and files back if it were to crash. With iCloud keychain, it is also possible to let users sync passwords between iPhone, iPad, and Mac within Safari. Users can also utilize the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to let users track down a lost of stolen apple device.

iCloud Drive – Reinforcing the iCloud’s popularity.

When we look back, we can now understand that Apple was working toward a solution that would be similar to Dropbox, but more sophisticated. The iCloud drive is the result of the work that Apple has put into this area. When Apple originally launched the iCloud, the service offered data as well as data syncing. However, Apple has converted it into a true online solution for those who live within the ecosystem created by Apple. Now, the iCloud drive comes with a standard 5 GB of data for free, but any thing above this is definitely chargeable.

iCloud Photo Library

Photographs can massively occupy your storage allocation on the iCloud. The iCloud photo library service backs up all your photos as well as videos easily. However, they take up a lot of space in your account. With the iCloud drive storage limits, it is important to manage your storage because if your iCloud drive storage is full, the iOS device will simply stop backing up until more space is freed.

If you run out of storage, you might need to buy more iCloud storage at some point of time. The storage available is from 20 GB to 1 TB at nominal prices, so you shouldn’t have too worry too much about spending more when you are using iCloud. You receive a monthly e-mail as a reminder.


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