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Comcast Figures Paint Image of Customer Satisfaction

Financial figures tell one story about a company, but sometimes when a company issues numbers at the end of a quarter there’s figures that tell more than the dollars.

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Image courtesy of (winnond) /

Comcast released its figures for the final quarter of 2015 and the company boasted an 8.5 percent consolidated revenue increase. That figure was accompanied by increases in earnings per share and cable communications revenue.

Yet, along with the figures showing Comcast made cash in the final quarter was a figure showing the company is, apparently, doing the right things for customers. For example, “for the year ended Dec. 31, 2015, customer relationships increased by 666,000, an 85.9 percent improvement compared to net additions of 358,000 in 2014,” the company reported.

That wasn’t the only positive when it came to customers, though. Comcast also reported an 81.7 percent improvement in net losses of video customers and high-speed Internet customer additions jumped by 1.4 million marking the tenth straight year of more than one million additions. That’s the best result the company has seen in eight years.

In a company press release, Comcast chief executive officer Brian Roberts expressed his satisfaction with all the figures.

“I am exceptionally proud of our results this year, which were driven by strong performances in each of our core businesses,” he stated. “At Comcast Cable, our focus on delivering the most innovative products and improving the customer experience led to fantastic operating metrics, including our best video customer results in nine years, and our best high-speed Internet customer results in eight years.”

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