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February 5, 2016

6 Ways to Be a Wildly Successful Amazon Seller

Amazon is a vital lifeline for many small businesses. The mammoth eCommerce platform not only helps those with minimal recognition boost awareness by providing visibility to millions, it also is a fundamental tool for brands to pad their bottom line while they are building a company.

The biggest challenge that businesses face on Amazon is the sheer amount of competition. While rising above the masses may seem hopeless at times due to the amount of clutter, it is absolutely achievable. In fact, many sellers on Amazon don’t have the first clue how to optimize themselves and can easily be dominated in the marketplace.

Build your Amazon storefront into a revenue powerhouse with these six critical elements of seller success:

1. A Definitive Description

As an Amazon Seller, your product description should be one of your top priorities. Without a highly informative listing that clearly defines your product’s features, capabilities, benefits, and so forth, consumers will quickly move on to a storefront that will provide them with the answers they seek.

When potential customers visit your page, they want to know what your product can do for them and if its characteristics are suited to their needs. For each product you sell, your description should breakdown every aspect of your merchandise and include as many details as possible as to how this will benefit the customer and how it is differs from competitor products. It is also quite helpful to list some of the features in the title of your listing to help drive traffic to your page. Without this information, consider your page dead in the water.

2. Illuminating Images

We all know how important images have become. This doesn’t just apply to social media or content marketing either; images are equally as powerful on Amazon. When was the last time you bought something off of Amazon without any images?

When consumers are making purchases online, they want to know exactly what they are buying. If the product varies even slightly from its depiction, you will definitely hear about it.

Your listings should always include various up-to-date and high-quality images that show the product from multiple angles, as well as highlight its features. The more images you have, the better. If you really want to showcase your product in an appealing way, create a short video that shows off every feature of your product. Video is quickly becoming an enormously powerful eCommerce tool.

3. Questions and Answers

Despite the inclusion of a hefty product description, some consumers will ultimately still have questions. While some consumers will be fine to order the product and find out the answer to their query for themselves, others will not feel comfortable ordering without knowing what they are getting into.

For this reason, a Q&A section can be the difference between making a sale or not. This section will help to make consumers feel more comfortable about purchasing your product once their direct question has been answered, convince consumers of your product’s exceptional nature and build on the detailed description you already have in place. Just be sure to check this section on a regular basis and get back to your potential customers in a timely manner, otherwise, this will serve little to no purpose.

4. Reams of Remarkable Reviews

Once your listing is all up to par, product and seller reviews should take precedence.  For your page to really get some substantial sales, it is paramount that you acquire positive and honest reviews. Online reviews take the cake in terms of gaining a consumer’s trust and influencing their choice to select your product above all else.

The most compelling and convincing reviews will come from those who have already purchased and tested your product and had a positive experience. You can also gain these from family and friends but do be aware that Amazon is meticulous in identifying connections between sellers and reviews so your best bet is to gain these from actual customers.

One of the best ways to get consumers to review your product is to ask for an honest assessment through a follow up e-mail assuring a positive experience or through product giveaways. Understand, however, that no matter which route you choose, you cannot in anyway try to persuade consumers to leave positive reviews; it must be authentic no matter their opinion.

5. Customer Communication

Outstanding customer service has become a vital factor to success because social media has given everyone a voice. Businesses can no longer mistreat or ignore customers or their online followings will find out about the company’s shortcomings in no time.

Through Amazon’s Seller Central, merchants can follow up with their customers post-purchase to ensure that they had a stellar experience. This will help to cultivate brand loyalty and opens the door for you to ask for those honest reviews. Additionally, this will give you the chance to rectify any negativity before an unfavorable review begins to damage your listing. Be proactive about any adverse experiences and do everything in your power to remedy each situation; you can potentially gain a long-term customer and brand advocate, as well as minimize negative feedback that will deter potential customers.

6. Market to the Masses

Just because you have established a top-notch Amazon listing doesn’t mean you don’t need to market yourself. In almost every scenario, marketing is a must; people need to know you exist. There are a variety of ways that you can get the word out.

Upon signing up for Seller Central, Amazon will provide $50 in free ad money; this gives you the opportunity to get a bit of free marketing right off the bat.

While it may not be the most obvious for this scenario, content is extremely powerful for marketing your Amazon presence. Through creating blogs, videos, and similar materials highlighting the benefits of your product, people will become intrigued and will often agree that they must have what you are offering. Just be sure that this doesn’t  appear to be a sales pitch and include an offer or coupon and a link to your Amazon page at the end.

Selling your products through Amazon can move mountains for your business granted that the right approach is taken. If you manage to generate a visual and informative listing with plenty of reviews, you will surely see a revenue stream that can help substantially build your business.

What do you believe is the key to success when selling on Amazon? Do you think there are any better platforms for retailers to leverage?


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