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February 16, 2016

How Social Media Helps Advertisers with Low-Cost ROI

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There is absolutely no sense in a social media advertising campaign if it does not improve your return on investment (ROI). After all, you invested $500 in the campaign, but end up getting only an extra $250 in revenue and no guarantees of loyal or return customers. That is basically $250 gone to waste and a lot more if you factor in the labor and time spent. Social media can still be an excellent advertising platform, but only if you can boost your ROI. Here are several tips on how social media can help the advertiser with low cost ROI.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship can be an excellent way to help the advertiser with low-cost ROI. If you are a writer or an advertiser with a substantial following, it pays to ensure that any marketing campaigns are integrated to your Google+ profile. Although there is minimal evidence to suggest that Authorship is useful, it is certainly worth trying and it requires minimal extra effort.

Twitter and Images

It is a widely known fact that people love images, even in cases where there is such a limited character count that reading is a walk in the park. Many firms have noted that using images alongside tweets leads to a 150 percent increase in retweets. It is a lot easier to retweet and share images without leaving Twitter. This fundamentally eliminates the middle-man or third-party when advertising on Twitter.

Don’t Promise to Offer what you cannot Afford

Social media advertising can, at times, take the form of huge discounts and extreme giveaways. This can work under certain circumstances, such as requiring customers to purchase a less expensive product in order to stand a chance of winning a bigger one. However, it is wise to first do your homework so as to ensure that the move will favor you financially.

Meet “Face-to-Face”

It pays to take some time to develop deeper relations with your strongest clients or partners, especially through Tweetup and other social media-induced video tools. The face-to-face interaction can greatly benefit your business, and you will stand out from your competitors. Nevertheless, do not fall into a time-wasting trap. It is advisable to reserve social media-induced video sessions for the potentially huge customers or investors.

Outsource to Experts

In some cases, it is more sensible to outsource your social media advertising to the experts. If you lack the resources, or you are having trouble boosting your ROI, finding a strategic partner makes big sense. There are several options, tools and resources you can use to schedule tweets or for campaign optimization, but finding the right partner is the key to success.

Take Care when Using the Native Approach

Native advertising refers to when the advertising campaign is framed to appear like organic content. For instance, an article on a social news and entertainment website might be “sponsored” by a health insurance firm. Although consumers do not want to feel duped, they still want to be entertained while having their advertising mesh with the website they are on. When it comes to advertising on social media, you are tasked with being equal parts informer, entertainer and a bit of advertiser, which can be a hard fence to sit on.

Combine and Coordinate your Efforts

In case you have several social media pages, it pays to first ensure that all your pages are relevant to you and they work nicely together. Avoid duplicate content and ensure that they link to one another. Build a network that is interwoven and not all jumbled up.


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