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Company Offering $4 Smartphones Can’t Keep Up With Demand

What may be the world’s cheapest smartphone resulted in a web crash for the Indian company behind it.

Ringing BellsRinging Bells, an Indian start-up which has launched Freedom 251, posted on its Facebook page Thursday its servers had crashed due to the “enormous response” and “kind patronage” of customers. The surge in visitors came after the company announced it would be selling an Android smartphone for roughly US $4.

The company apologized numerous times via Facebook for the issues encouraging visitors to be patient as its technical team was trying to fix the problem.

There’s not a lot of information on Ringing Bells, but that is not uncommon considering there are numerous companies operating in India which are not known outside the country. Companies there are known to offer dirt-cheap devices but a $4 smartphone is easily one of – if not the most – cheapest.

It’s a price which was questioned by CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood.

In a report from CNet, Wood said it is impossible to make a smartphone for $4 noting boxing it and shipping it would cost that amount, alone.

Wood said the price seems far too low noting basic features could be provided at discount prices “but there is still a bill of materials of at least $15 for anything vaguely functional.”

Regardless, traffic to the company’s site remained steady with Ringing Bells using the same message – “Booking for this phone is closed. We’ll keep you posted about next sales. Thanks for your support.” – numerous times in messages to potential customers on its social media site.

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