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February 19, 2016

Google Gamers No Longer Need Google+ Accounts Thanks to Gamer IDs

In another blow to the beleaguered Google+, dealt by Google itself, gamers will no longer have to have an account with the social network to take part in connected gaming on Android.

Google is rolling out Gamer IDs to its Google Play Games service over the next few weeks, meaning you no longer have to play using the name tied to your official Google account.

GP_Games_GamerTagRegistration_Animation_FINAL“Gamer IDs give you the ability to create a gaming persona, so you too can embrace your inner gaming hero,” Google Play Games product manager Benjamin Frenkel said in a blog post. “You can customize a unique Gamer ID and select a Gamer Picture to create a whole new gaming identity.”

To take advantage of the new feature, simply create your Gamer ID and then choose an avatar for your Gamer Picture from more than 40 options. Your game activity can be made public or kept private. You can also choose if other gamers will be able to associate your Gamer ID with your e-mail address or name.

“In addition, we’re making it easier and faster to start playing games,” Frenkel said. “With auto sign-in, you’ll be prompted to sign-in once per account, rather than once per game, and you’ll automatically be signed in to most future games.”

To claim your Gamer ID, go to the Google Play Games app.  You can also learn more about setting up your ID here.