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Sony Shows Off New Xperia Line

A natural palm fit, an extra-long battery life and an impressive ‘capture the moment’ camera are all features Sony is boasting with the launch of its new line of Smartphones.

Xperia-Projector-PIU-78b7030662fdc5bb66a4f6a5efa48b57The Xperia phones were officially unveiled Monday in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. Sony says the phones will change the way users interact with the world around them thanks to a new design and an eye on details.

Sony’s president and CEO of its mobile communications arm said the goal is to continue to create personalised, intelligent products enabling users to do more and live more creatively. The Xperia line of phones will allow that to happen, he added.

“With our continued passion for technology, we will keep adding new and exciting features to evolve our smartphones. At the same time, we want to change how you access information and interact with friends and family in a closer, natural and more meaningful way,” Hiroki Totoki said in a company release.

Sony seems excited about the phones’ camera. The Predictive Hybrid Autofocus in Xperia X and Xperia X Performance lets users choose the subject and then predicts its motion, enabling users to capture the action in perfect focus, free from blur.

And those who use the camera a lot shouldn’t have to worry about battery drain. The phones feature smart battery management resulting in longer lives on a single charge.

Each phone is powered to make the most of their advanced capabilities, with Xperia X featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor and Xperia X Performance introducing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor for ultra-fast connectivity.

But, beyond the phones, Sony has also unveiled its new Xperia Ear, a wireless ear-piece  bringing users useful information such as their schedule, weather and the latest news. It’s powered by Sony’s voice technology and can make calls, perform an Internet search, dictate a message or navigate to a certain location all through voice commands.

Visually, the Xperia Projector concept looks promising enabling family communication using a natural and interactive interface projection on any clear surface. It will respond to touch, voice and gestures just as users would interact with their smartphone screen.

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  • The Sony Xperia Z4 may have similar or better technology than the iPhone, but how would I know from the commercial? The art direction of the ad is so overproduced with effects that I don’t know what the Sony phone can or can’t do. I think it can capture a ballerina jumping in midair, but what about all of the other video effects in the ad, can it do those too? Sony creatives need to take a lesson from Apple, focus on the value to the user that their phone has. They are not selling a branding image for beer, but a product that has features useful to their targeted customers.