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BlackBerry’s Focus Shifting to Software

BlackBerry CEO John Chen

Even with a map, it’s anyone’s guess as to where BlackBerry’s going.

PrivThe beleaguered company was once considered a front-runner in smartphone technology, but recent years haven’t been kind to BlackBerry. Even last year’s Priv – the company’s first foray into an Android-powered device – couldn’t serve as a saving grace, though the phone has been positively received.

Earlier this month news broke of BlackBerry’s plans to lay off 200 employees at its sites in Florida and Ontario, Canada. The reasoning given for the cutbacks was the company’s stronger focus on software rather than devices.
A smart move, the refocus?

Website The Motley Fool sees the move as an interesting venture, and one investors need to keep a close eye on. The site’s recent report notes chief executive officer John Chen is investing in software “in a big way” pointing to bolt-on acquisitions of security-based software companies Good Technology and AtHoc.

BlackBerry’s always prided itself on security features and managed to elbow its way into the market based, strongly, on its security features. That’s still a large part of what it’s known for, but it looks like Chen’s now more interested in applying that knowledge to software.

“Investors should continue to watch BlackBerry’s moves in software and services closely, as that’s where the company is quickly transitioning toward,” the site notes.

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  • It’s sad to see how a once dominate phone company is now changing focus to software. I really thought the Blackberry Priv would bring the company to respectability. I guess it was just an issue of to little too late. Hopefully the company will stabilize more so that their are less layoffs.

  • They aren’t the first company to change focus – after all, IBM used to be a major hardware producing company and after they refocused their attentions to software and services, the hardware side of their business is only a tiny fraction nowadays.