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February 25, 2016

Google Docs Adds Voice Typing to Tools

Users Can Dictate, Edit and Create Documents Without Touching Keyboard

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Photo Credit: meneame comunicacions, sl via flickr

Voice to text is a common feature on most smartphones and, now, Google’s following up with a cool addition to Google Docs.

voiceIt works sort of like a personal dictation service as users need only to speak and watch as their words appear on screen. The nice thing is the folks at Google were smart enough to even include commands such as ‘new paragraph’ so as someone’s speaking there’s no need to use a keyboard.

A brief video on YouTube illustrates the program in operation and, admittedly, it looks pretty simple.

“We launched Voice typing in Docs to help you capture ideas, compose a letter, or even write the next great novel—all without touching your keyboard. Starting today, you can also edit and format your documents with your voice,” explained product manager Isaiah Greene in a blog post.

Users hoping to type with their vocal cords and give their fingers a break can select “Voice typing” in the “Tools” menu when they’re using Docs in Chrome. Users can simply then say whatever comes to mind and, then start editing and formatting with commands like “copy,” “insert table,” and “highlight.”


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.