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YouTube Launches Custom Blur Tool

YouTube got a handy little update this week: the ability to blur anything you want in your video clips.

Although you have long been able to blur faces in your videos, that ability has been expanded to objects or people as they move through the clip.

“With this new Enhancements feature, available on desktop versions of YouTube, you can blur any object in your video, even as it moves,” YouTube privacy lead Amanda Conway said in a blog post. “Whether you want to blur sensitive information such as a license plate or cover up a wardrobe malfunction without reshooting an entire scene, the new Custom Blurring tool will let you blur objects throughout your video, right within YouTube.”

vid_3 (1)
YouTube video

To use the new custom blurring tool, simply click on the blurring effects tab, then custom blurring and edit. Next, click and drag a box over what you wish to blur.

You can also move the blurred area, resize it and set the blur to start and stop at set times. A ‘lock’ option is also available to blur something that does not move.

“When you’re done making edits you can either save the changes as part of the same video or save a new copy, which also gives you the option to delete the original video,” Conway added.

Other options, according to the YouTube support page are:

  • Moving the blurred box to a different place: Simply click and drag within the box.
  • Resizing the blurred area: Click and drag a corner of the box to make the blur bigger or smaller area.
  • Changing when the blurring happens: Click and drag the ends of the timeline to set when the blurring begins and ends.
  • Preventing the blurred area from moving at all: Click ‘lock’ in the timeline to make sure the blurred area always stays in the same place.
  • Blurring multiple areas: Click and drag new boxes over the parts you want to blur.

Check out the video below for some good custom blurring tips.

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