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Zuckerberg Furious Over Vandalism of Black Lives Matter Slogan By Facebook Workers

Cory Booker via Compfight cc Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker visit 11th-grade math students at the KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010 in Newark, NJ. (Gary He for Facebook)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a tongue lashing this week to employees indulging in “malicious” behavior at the expense of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

In an internal memo obtained by Gizmodo, Zuckerberg took employees to task for crossing out ‘black lives matter’ and replacing it with ‘all lives matter’ on Facebook’s well-known signature wall at the MPK building At Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters.

Such incidents first began occurring last week and Zuckerberg during a Q&A with his employees said it was not to happen again. Despite his warning, the problem has continued and now, it seems, Zuckerberg has gone from being “disappointed” to angry.

“This has been a deeply hurtful and tiresome experience for the black community and really the entire Facebook community, and we are now investigating the current incidents,” Zuckerberg said in his memo which added that, at Facebook, everyone is to “to treat each other with respect.”

Zuckerberg said next month’s Town Hall meeting would be used to educate employees on what the Black Lives Matter campaign is and why its message is an important one.

Facebook’s staff is largely made up of white and Asian males. As of last summer, the social networking firm’s U.S. staff was 55 percent white and 36 percent Asian, while only two percent were black.

See the memo from Zuckerberg below:


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