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Kiddle Search Engine Meant to Make Web Safer for Children

Not everything on the Internet is as it appears.

search-6The prime example this week comes in the form of Kiddle, a search engine launched which many are mistaking for Google’s kid-friendly search engine. Google, though, has nothing to do with Kiddle.

It’s an easy mistake to make, the Kiddle homepage borrows heavily from Google, from the color palette down to the layout, but the Internet giant isn’t involved with the search engine that is supposed to make it much safer for kids.

The ‘supposed to’ can be tested by performing a variety of searches. For example, a search for ‘porn’ prompts a return of “Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!’ and the same message comes up for the less obvious ‘sex’. However, searching for Khloe Kardashian does result in some references to the reality star’s sex tape, reported The Mirror.

So, while the idea behind Kiddle is great, it obviously still needs some tweaking and should try to distance itself from Google to eliminate the confusion.

The site is gaining a great deal of attention – much of it with people believing it is a Google product – and some Twitter users are already warning parents about the not-so-perfect filtering used by the search engine.

The site explains it is “powered by editors and Google safe search” so, basically, parents can either use the new engine or just make sure, if their kids are online, the safety settings are appropriate and their children will likely find the same results.

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  • Yes this is something new in search engine world, it is better have a kid’s friendly search engine than parental blocking softwares.

  • Never heard about kindle search engine, thanks for getting education regarding search engine which are more benefits for students.

  • “…and should try to distance itself from Google to eliminate the confusion.” Why???, after all, who better to get your name known/talked about, than to have it associated with the giant of the Internet – Google.