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7 Creative Ways to Market and Promote Your New Mobile App After Launch

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Developing an app and launching it is a great accomplishment, but not a guarantee of rewards. If you want to make profit from your app, you will need an effective marketing campaign to promote it after launch. To help you, I have included in this post the top seven ways to market and promote your carefully crafted creation after its launch.

1. Optimize Your App for the App Store

You want your potential customers to be able to get through a search on the App Store as over half of the apps are found in this way. So, you need to optimize for the App Store. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your app to rank higher in app store search results, and it starts with keyword research. For this, use this keyword tool to get relevant keywords and include them in the title and description.

Remember, app stores give you 100 characters to define your keywords, so try to make the most of it. Also, separate every word with a coma. Apart from this, you can also monitor your rivals to find relevant keywords they’re ranking for.

2. Build a Business Website

Making a site is the best way to display your app. You need to provide all journalists, bloggers and other online influencers a place to find you. Keep in mind that an app can’t go viral by itself, but a website URL can because it is sharable through blogs, social media, channels, etc. This also provides users another way to find and communicate with you. Write interesting and informative content that will draw people to your site. Use your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to promote the app a number of times in a week. Also make it creative, funny or personal.

3. Sign-In Review Sites And Startup Sites

Try to get as many reviews of your app as possible. There are a lot of places where you can submit your app for review. Also, if you are a start-up, free start-up sites can help you get listed on more than 80 directories, including Forbes. These directories can help drive new users, help build links for your site and boost overall awareness of your mobile app.

4. Pitch to App Review Blogs

What is it that makes a few mobile apps so successful, but others fall flat? The difference is a strong promoting strategy after launch. Start sending out e-mails to pitch your app, especially to highly relevant blogs to get people’s eyes on your app. Create a message that is sharp and polished, presenting the most bewitching story possible about how your app will be interesting to their audience.

Also, don’t limit yourself to app review sites — industry blogs, relevant Facebook Groups, and local newspapers are all possibilities.

5. Promote Your App Through A Promo Video

A decent app promo video is an essential part of any mobile application. It is an easy way for viewers to comprehend how the application can be utilized. You can also capitalize on video SEO (search engine optimization), which is another great benefit of a promo video.

If someone does a search fro keywords related to your app, then your YouTube video will show up in the search results. For example, if you search “hello” in Google, then the first thing to pop up is songstress Adele’s  Hello video on YouTube in spite of it returning more than 900 million results.

6. Use Social Networking Sites

Keep in mind that every social media channel has its own rules, language and characteristics that you need to learn. So, when you are planning to promote your app, think about your clients and customers as well as the way they communicate. Choose only those channels that best suit your needs.


The largest social network of the world today is the Facebook. It is a place where people connect with others, share their ideas, thoughts, images or videos, and view what friends publish and recommend. Facebook is a great place where brands can communicate with their customers and clients to keep them updated and answer their questions as well as react fast whenever there is negative feedback.


This is a micro-blogging platform and designed for a fast updates, where you can draw your followers’ attention instantly by providing them useful information, the latest news or interesting blogs and articles related to your industry. Twitter is the best place to drum-up attention and connect with users regularly.


Considered the second largest search engine in the world,  makes YouTube worth your time. You can share amazing videos on your app’s YouTube channel.

7. Use Google AdWords

We know that it is not easy to display your app and lure new users in a jam-packed marketplace. “About 60 percent of apps available are never installed and of the ones that are downloaded, 80 percent are only opened a couple of times,” according to Google’s numbers.

AdWords is the answer to claiming a piece of the mobile app market. With the Adwords app extension, you can add direct links to download for cellphone users and can send the rest to your desktop site. This is a great way to drive initial downloads.

Do not be afraid to try something different. Get to know all the communities that might be interested in using your mobile app and try to get their interest in the natural way.

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Mehul Rajput is CEO of Mindinventory, a leading mobile app development company which provide the best iPhone and Android app development services.