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Latest iOS May Feature Warning For Device Monitoring

Apple’s latest iOS appears to have a feature to warn users when their device is being monitored.

Apple iPhone 6SA developer who is using Apple’s iOS 9.3 software in its beta format recently posted an image to Reddit showing a warning which appeared on his phone. The warning simply states “This phone is supervised” and goes on to identify the company or corporation monitoring Internet traffic while advising the device can be traced.

Reddit user MaGNeTiX posted the image with a brief note stating “Apple have made changes to supervised devices to include a message on the lockscreen, and also changed the message shows in Settings > General > About.”

It is believed the feature will be used on devices handed out to employees by companies and corporations. The handset used, reported The Daily Mail, is one from Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, which is used by companies that lend a large number of phones, tablets and laptops to their employees.

While alarming to see, the warning is meant more, it would appear, to remind employees the device they are using is not for personal use and is the property of the company.

There’s no way of knowing if the feature will be included in future Apple iOS systems as the user is working with a beta version meaning the feature may or may not be rolled out in the future.

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