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Apple Considering Larger Screen For iPhones?

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If there’s one thing consumers love more than Apple products it may be rumors about Apple products.

AppleIt seems every few months there are new rumors circulating over the next iPhone or iPad, regardless of the fact Apple never responds to the news. However, numerous sites share the latest beliefs over what may or may not be coming down the pipeline.

And, once again, there’s a new rumor focusing of what Apple’s planning to do with iPhones as it appears there may be a larger screen coming to the device in the future. The latest information circulating shows Apple could be considering increasing the screen size to 5.8 inches in the next few years.

That’s a fairly hefty jump from the standard 5.5-inch screen Apple has been using.

MacRumors pointed to Apple’s supposed work on flexible OLED displays and patents the company has filed as a possible validation for a larger screen. The idea there is Apple may be looking at a screen that wraps around both sides of the device.

If the rumors are true, as noted by Forbes, it would not only be a larger screen for the iPhone but also the first time an iPhone has used an OLED screen.

Apple, naturally, has not responded to any of the rumors.

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