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March 14, 2016

Nexus Rumoured to Be Releasing New Products at Google Conference

Google Play image — The Nexus 5.

Rumours are flying that Nexus will release at least one new tablet product at the upcoming Google Developers Conference in May.

Google Play image — The Nexus 5.

Google Play image — The Nexus 5.

Retailers are busy selling off 2015 Nexus products at discounted prices, hinting at a possible new product launch in the near future, and there’s speculation that the company will unveil sleek and compact tablets meant to compete with the the iPad and iPad Mini.

“Rumours have emerged saying that Google has a new Nexus tablet blueprint that will produce a compact and premium tablet,” says a Yibada report.

“The device is aimed to end the iPad monopoly and (it’s rumoured) that a Chinese manufacturer will be a partner in the project.”

That partner is Chinese company Huawei, which has already worked with Nexus to develop the Nexus 6P tablet.

For now, the device is being dubbed the “Nexus 7 2016”, because it’s expected to have a 7-inch screen size. There’s speculation that the tablet will boast a budget-friendly price tag and be built with durable polycarbonate. As far as specs go, it will sport 2 GB of RAM powered by a Snapdragon 808.

There may also be an 8-inch, pricier model dubbed the “Nexus 8P” claims Yibada, which will have 4 GB of RAM.

Tablet enthusiasts will have to wait and see when the conference kicks off May 18.

If both products are unveiled at the event, they could have a release date as early as June.


Megan Abraham is a staff writer for SiteProNews.