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Biometric Security Comes to Outlook on iOS

iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor

Biometrics have come to Microsoft Outlook’s latest batch of updates for iOS.

Microsoft-logoApple’s Touch ID feature is now included in Outlook meaning users have a bit more security protecting their data and information. The Touch ID feature allows users to use their fingerprint to authenticate their device meaning e-mails and data are better protected.

It’s not just e-mails, though, that can be protected through the biometric feature. As noted by Tech Times, Outlook features such as calendar, contacts list and documents are all now able to be protected by Touch ID.

This marks the first time Outlook has offered the feature on iOS devices meaning iPhones and iPads are, finally included in the list of impacted devices.

The move to include iOS devices is an example of Microsoft’s commitment to both security and the biometric feature itself.

The company has even included biometric authentication measures in Windows 10 through the Windows Hello security apparatus, reports Mobile ID World.

It’s a growing movement for Microsoft with numerous devices now featuring the enhanced security features.

Bringing Touch ID to Outlook is a bold move considering neither Google nor Apple’s own e-mail program currently support the feature. This means Microsoft is elbowing its way into the security feature before other providers take the lead, Mashable reports.

Setting up Touch ID protection in Outlook is done by going into the app’s ‘Settings’ and scrolling down to ‘Preferences’. Users can flip the toggle for ‘Require Touch ID’ to activate it.

The next time Outlook launches it will ask for fingerprint authentication before e-mails can be accessed.

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