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Leaked Video Gives First Glimpse at iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE, far right, is shown in a YouTube video screenshot.

A YouTube video circulating the Internet today reportedly shows Apple’s newest iPhone on the market a week before its expected release.

YouTube user Nick Beeep uploaded the video Monday, claiming the phone was spotted in the wild at Huaqiangbei Shenzen, China. The area is known as the “Silicon Valley of Hardware” according to the description.

The newest Apple product is rumored to be the smaller version of the 5C, sporting a 4-inch screen, rounded edges and a metallic pink finish.

“It’s more like the mixed blood of the iPhone 5S and 6S,” says a woman in the video who identifies herself as ‘April’.

“It has rounded edges for smoother touch … the colour of SE seems brighter and pinker,” she adds.

The phone is a similar weight to other iPhones, she pointed out, and has a camera that sticks out slightly, resembling older models. It’s also a lighter pink as opposed to Apple’s rose colored models.

Nick Xu, the person behind the Nick Beeep YouTube channel, told CNET News he heard the phone was on the market in China and set out to find it, eventually locating it and convincing the retailer to allow video footage of the phone to be recorded.

As of Monday evening, the video had just over 2,400 views, and many viewers speculated that the phone was indeed a knock-off. One user pointed out that the phone’s ports looked different than a genuine iPhone, while another felt the phone shown in the video looked to be of lower quality than a legitimate Apple product.

“We tried to press the power button, but failed to turn it on, so we actually have no idea if it’s a genuine iPhone or not,” the woman in the video tells the camera.

Either way, iPhone users won’t have to wait much longer to see the new SE, set to be unveiled on Mar. 21.

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  • Thank you for uploading this relevant content about Iphone SE. Does this phone offers the same specs as Iphone 5 does? Or is it a updated version of 5S not only in looks but in specs too?

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