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Microsoft Project Aims to Change Lives

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Seeing is believing, especially for those in the world who are blind.

Microsoft-logoIn what may be one of the most amazing advancements in artificial intelligence, Microsoft has revealed progress it has made in a research project geared specifically toward those with vision limitations. The project, aptly titled Seeing AI, is being designed to allow those with such limitations to experience the world around them like never before.

A video posted Wednesday gives a nearly three minute explanation of the software which involves the user wearing specially designed glasses which, in conjunction with a smartphone, can do everything from describe what is taking place around the wearer to reading a menu to them at a restaurant.

The project is part of Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite and, as the company stated in a release, is part of the vision to create programs“to transform not only businesses but people’s lives.”

“The first, Microsoft Cognitive Services, is a collection of intelligence APIs that allows systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret our needs using natural methods of communication,” the company release further explained.

There’s no information on just where Seeing AI is in terms of becoming available to the general public, but what is displayed in the brief video is certainly both inspiring and impressive.

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