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April 1, 2016

12 Proven Tips to Bring Happiness to the Workplace

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Businesses have to be results-driven; simply providing people with jobs is not enough to guarantee profitability. The economy and marketplaces are constantly changing; both managers and staff need to be capable of using their initiative and consider new ways of completing even the simplest of processes to improve productivity. However, to encourage this kind of commitment and loyalty to a firm, staff need to be happy and feel engaged in their workplace; the following tips will help you to provide this type of workspace:

1. Accountability

If workers are aware that they are accountable for their actions they will be more careful about the processes and procedures they use. They are less likely to take shortcuts or inadvertently damage the quality of the product.

2. Following up

Setting targets can help to motivate your staff, however, following up on these targets will ensure that every job is completed and that praise can be handed out when and where it is due.

3. Managing

As an employer, you need to manage the whole business, the individual processes can be handled by middle managers and even the general employees. Give them their own areas of responsibility and watch them flourish.

4. Communicate

Providing clear instructions is only the first step in getting the job done. You should actively encourage your staff and motivate them to continue in their work. Employees will always appreciate rewards and recognition for their work and this can show others that it is worth putting in the extra effort.

5. Connect

Any employee will work best when they feel they are part of the process and that their opinion counts. Make sure you reach out to them periodically to reinforce this belief. A few moments spent talking with your employees can make a huge difference to productivity.

6. Targets

Everyone works better when they have a target to aim for; providing the target is realistic. The target should always be obtainable, although it should also push your employees just past their normal level of achievement.

7. Teams

Teamwork is an essential part of any business. Your employees must be prepared and able to work as a team to get a job done. Not only will this build a good atmosphere and a concern for one another’s well being, it will also maximize the pool of ideas.

8. Rotation

Whenever possible, rotate your employees to ensure they do not become bored doing the same job over and over again. Learning new skills helps them to feel a part of the growth of a business, makes them a more valuable employee and improves their focus.

9. Improvement

All employees should have access to training courses and additional knowledge. These do not even have to be work specific. Employees will relish the fact that their employer cares about their general well being and, as a result, will be more dedicated and work harder.

10. Meetings

Meetings can be an arduous part of anyone’s day, although they can also be essential.  However, this is one thing that is likely to de-motivate your staff. Keep your meetings short and to the point; there is less downtime and happier employees.

11. Hire a Motivational Speaker

Hiring a motivational speaker to help boost engagement at the workplace is another smart way to boost your company productivity and not lose the best people on your team. An experienced orator will know exactly what to say to your staff to motivate and engage them, as well as increase their desire to do more for you and your company.

12. Be Flexible

To really ensure your employees are happy, you need to develop a flexible approach to work.  Pen plan offices with funky designs and the freedom to sit anywhere are becoming the norm.  Many people even choose to work from home.

Purchase, or lease the best possible tools you can afford; this will ensue your firm is capable of producing the best quality work. Quality products will invoke a pride in your employees and build your business, as well as your productivity levels. Wherever possible you need to be flexible in your approach and you will find that flexibility returned.


Jason Phillips is a business writer and blogger. He has written several high quality articles. He also works for 247 Web Experts offering website designing and internet marketing services.