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May 2, 2016

3 Reasons to Consider LinkedIn Advertising for Your B2B Business

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Navigating social media is a challenge for B2B brands whose content may not lend itself to being the next viral sensation. The creation of whitepapers, guides and video tutorials may produce useful content for your target customers, but the time and financial resources that went into producing them may never be recouped without a focused strategy to get eyeballs on the content to learn about your product.

With highly targeted advertising offered by LinkedIn, one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and one that is solely focused on the professional market, B2B enterprises can elevate their content marketing efforts and get the best possible consumers to learn about their brands. The social network boasts more than 400 million members in more than 200 countries, with more than 40 million students and recent college graduates.

Besides giving professionals an outlet for showing off their resume to recruiters, LinkedIn is a thriving community that includes lively discussions about industry topics and breaking news related to business. It’s a place B2B brands need to be in order to gain new business and solidify their authority within their industries, and advertising within the space is a smart strategy for B2B businesses.

Like most online advertising platforms, LinkedIn offers two advertising platforms: cost-per-click, and cost-per-impression. This allows B2B brands to experiment not only with messaging and types of businesses they’re targeting, but also gives them ways to maximize their budgets through different ad formats. With so many customization options available and advertising options that work for even minimal budgets, consider these three reasons to use LinkedIn advertising for your B2B business.

1. Your Customers Are Using LinkedIn

When it comes to social networks, LinkedIn is key. More than 90 percent of respondents in the 2015 Regalix State of B2B Social Media Marketing report consider LinkedIn the top social media platform, with 64 percent of respondents saying it is the top platform for customer engagement during the pre-sale stage of the buying cycle. Businesses head to LinkedIn to network with those in their industry, learn about innovative trends and product development, and find the businesses they want to work with or purchase from.

Disruptive Advertising says successful LinkedIn advertising only comes from really knowing your customers to ensure the best targeting. B2B brands should consider job titles, locations, and skills when choosing their target LinkedIn ad audience. LinkedIn advertising allows for both external links to landing pages or company websites, as well as internal links to pages that live on LinkedIn.

As B2B businesses and B2B employees and sales reps solidify their presence on LinkedIn and garner engagement and recommendations on their pages, this adds to the richness of the LinkedIn ad that allows potential customers to see what other customers are saying and what products are highly recommended.

 2. B2B Brands Can Quickly Present Solutions Targeted Customers Need


LinkedIn ads put you in front of the businesses that need your service or product the most and ensure you’re ahead of the competition they’ll never see. Options such as LinkedIn Sponsored Updates allow B2B brands to take content that has already resonated well with its current audience and amplify it so related users see it.

Whether your brand wants to share an exciting new development with a wider audience or add new life to an already-successful product, LinkedIn ads help businesses stumble upon the value of your brand.

Kissmetrics points out a simple way to drive up click-through traffic is to be strategic in the content of the ad, such as by using the title of your target audience in the headline to catch viewers’ attention. LinkedIn’s optimization team reports photos of women in ads garner the best click-through rates. Make sure copy fits the network — keep it professional — and make it intriguing while conveying value to encourage more interest.

3. LinkedIn Ads Can Be Tested and Optimized Quickly

With endless options of evolving ads, multiple ads with small budgets may be run simultaneously, given an increased budget when they’re succeeding, and tweaked when they’re failing. Ads can be tested based on:

  • Headline
  • Photo
  • Call to action
  • Target audience, further segmented by:
    • Location
    • Position
    • Title
    • Keywords based on skills and interests
    • Gender
    • Age
  • Language, if you’re targeting more than one geographic location
  • Media types
  • Ad destination
  • Types of ad (cost-per-click versus cost-per-impression) 

LinkedIn ads can be as broad or as focused as the B2B business wants. Techniques that work for one campaign can be applied to future ones, and the success of your ads may start to drive your marketing department’s strategy of the content they’re creating.

LinkedIn advertising isn’t just useful for increasing sales. It can also be used to attract top talent from around the globe. Your best candidates may not discover you until they see your LinkedIn ad. Examine the marketing, sales, and employee goals within your company to devise ideas of how to use LinkedIn ads to achieve them.


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