Judge Orders LA Woman to Use Fingerprint to Unlock her iPhone for FBI

iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor

A judge in Los Angeles has sided with the FBI in yet another iPhone case.

U.S. magistrate Judge Alicia Rosenberg signed a warrant forcing a 29-year-old LA resident to unlock her iPhone with her fingerprint.

According to a report by the LA Times, the partner of an alleged Armenian gang member, Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan, was forced to provide her fingerprint to a FBI agent to give the agency access to her Smartphone which was protected by Apple’s TouchID security system.

The situation is raising eyebrows across the country. The LA Times report points out that a number of legal experts are fighting courts’ interpretation that forcing people to provide fingerprints or other biometrics is unconstitutional. Forcing a person to submit their biometric data, which, essentially, amounts to self-incrimination, would violate the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, according to the report.

But, as tech security blog Naked Security explains, many legal experts are on the other side of the fence. Many believe biometric information is “like our DNA samples or our voice imprints: they’re simply a part of us. They don’t reveal anything that we know, meaning that they don’t count as testimony against ourselves.”

The latest case comes just months after the FBI’s epic encryption battle with Apple came to a close.

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