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May 18, 2016

Business Cards: Make Yours Tweetable

“Even at the trendiest of Silicon Valley tech gatherings, people still greet each other by handing out little rectangles made from dead trees rather than tapping their phones together.” The Economist

Business cards have been a staple in corporate culture for longer than most can remember. More primitive versions of these personal advertisements have existed since the 15th century, and possibly even earlier. Business cards have a long and rich history that still prevails in today’s modern world. Unlike the technologically advanced planet we now inhabit, however, business cards have largely remained the same and have become – let’s face it — stale and antiquated.

Business cards are little gems of information that greatly need a modern overhaul. But as with everything in a digital society, things will inevitably become virtual or die; so business cards aren’t dead yet.

A London-based design company called Moo is now bringing business cards into the 21st century. The company announced the rejuvenation of these cards in their blog post which detailed the technology used in their new Business Cards+. The cards incorporate NFC ships, (Near Field Communications), which are embedded within the paper and allows card carriers to display the information of their choosing with a single tap.

The card works like so: You upload data that you would like to share with business acquaintances such as your website, social profiles, maps to your business location, plus related info, and simply move your card past their NFC-enabled device to share. Pretty cool, no? The possibilities of what you can share through these cards is limitless as you can send tweets, invites, Facebook information, and virtually (at last!) anything else you can imagine.

Moo Business Cards+ leverage the same technology credit cards use for no-contact payments; this allows the transference of data to be made instantaneously; plus, it makes you look pretty trendy in the process.

As for the actions you can carry out with these cards – that is determined by you through the integration of the popular productivity and automation tool, IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That,” and creates an automated sequence of actions that occur through establishing “recipes” that trigger the desired actions. IFTTT links together more than 300 different services, allowing you to automate nearly any online task. As this service is integrated into Moo’s new business cards, sending tweets is done automatically when swiped near a compatible Smartphone. But again, the possibilities are endless; you can also send a message to yourself, call or message contacts, update profile information, and so much more.

As long as the card does not become damaged, you can continue to use it again and again and even change the actions it carries out. Through the Moo Manage Paper+ app, you can not only change the information or behavior of the card, you are also provided with real-time information on how many times your card has been tapped and the ways in which individuals are engaging with the featured data. Yes, that’s right; business cards now have their own analytics tools.

And setting all of this up is super easy and intuitive.

Social Automation for Business Cards

If you are about to utilize this advanced business card, all you need to do is create an IFTTT account and then select “Create a Recipe” from the “My Recipes” section of the website. Next, you will define a trigger to set the recipe in motion. To do this, head over to the Maker channel to link to Moo’s Business Cards+ actions. From there, name your event to give yourself a reference when linking the recipe to your cards.

Now that your recipe is in place, you can link to Twitter to post tweets, Facebook to update your status, and a wide variety of other utilities. Just do be sure that you are logged into your account, otherwise you won’t be able to link the services.

If you want to post tweets with your technologically-savvy business card, after linking to Twitter, select, “Post a Tweet” and write your message to send out when your card is swiped. IFTTT will even allow you to select the time and date as identical tweets cannot be sent out back-to-back. Lastly, save your tweet with the “Create Action” button and save your recipe with the “Create Recipe” button.

The Maker page will now provide you with a special key; copy this, you will need it in just a moment because this is what links your IFTTT and Moo NFC actions together.

Back on the Moo website, head to the Manage Paper+ page under your account to choose your action for your card. This is where you will paste that key into the appropriate fields.

Now, choose the website to appear when your card is swiped, save the action in using the “Apply Action” button, and you officially have the coolest business cards in your industry.

Prices range for Moo’s business cards is wide, but all of the options are relatively affordable and won’t break your bank.

This new modern approach to business cards not only helps to spread your digital information (like website and social profiles), but it also helps make a lasting impression on anyone whose phones you swipe. Networking is all about making connections and having them remember you; these cards give you an extra boost of street cred.

Do you think this will catch on to become the future of business card exchanges? When, if ever, do you think business cards will become obsolete and no longer necessary?


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