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May 20, 2016

The Benefits of Having a Good Website for Your Business

It goes without saying that a website is an asset for any business these days due to the Internet’s ubiquity in daily life. As far as marketing opportunities go, the Internet is a gigantic place where you can look for people who might be interested in what you have to offer. But if you remain unconvinced of how much a good website can positively impact your business, then please read on — it’s imperative that you learn more about why bringing your business online is too good to pass up.

What Goes into a Good Website


Useful and relevant content is the meat of a good website, so you should make sure that you’ll be able to post something interesting regularly before even thinking of putting up a website for your business. Leaving a website to stagnate after you worked so hard on it and put so much time and money into is a waste.

With social media being such a fertile ground for marketing and readily made for anyone to set up their base, simply set up a Facebook page if all you’re going to do is share and repost other people’s content anyway. But if you have tons of unique content to contribute, you can share it on social media and get eyes on your website.

Being able to make your website useful in some way is of utmost importance when setting one up for your business. Whether you’re setting up an online shop for your customers to order your goods from the comfort of their own home or just a blog with a whole library of helpful articles to attract readers, the website must have substance to back it up.

Web Development and Design 101


Web design takes a good bit of thought and know-how in order to pull it off. Of course, everyone wants their website to be awesome, but it takes a certain mindset for that to be accomplished.

The design process must take into account two things—what the site is for and what technical requirements are needed. If the design is done with the goal of realizing the purpose of the site as the entire focus, it should be done well. It depends on what topic and/or niche the website is about, the target audience it’s catering to, what problems it’s trying to solve, what special purpose it’s trying to serve, and so on.

The website is never really about the creators and/or owners, but about the people. The audience comes first because they’re who the website is aiming to please. Therefore, in a way, the website isn’t really yours; it’s theirs. Keep that in mind while designing, building, and running the website.

Whether you’re designing and building the website yourself or have a Web designer on hand to do it for you, the details that go into putting the website online should not be ignored. You should know what a domain name is and what Web hosting is for in order to get a website up and operational.

The domain name is basically what people have to type in to visit your website; Picking the right one for your website means being sure of what your brand is and considering if that alone is enough or if you need to add something else that’s descriptive. For example, you’re the owner of Acme Hardware. Obviously, isn’t unique, but may be more viable as it’s more unique and tells people what your business is about.

Web hosting is where your website is uploaded and maintained. Unless you’re going to have your own Web server, you’ll have to pay for a Web hosting service to do it for you. There are different kinds of Web hosting, each with their own features that could be of use to your website. Likely, you’ll be using shared Web hosting if it’s just a regular website with only the basics. If you’re an eCommerce site with more bells and whistles, then you may have to get into a more specialized Web hosting solution.

OK, you have your website designed, built, uploaded into the Web hosting, and set up with the domain name but, wait, you’re not done just yet. You must now set up your search engine optimization to make your website more visible to people on the Internet. A website is only as useful as its visibility, so you need to set up your keywords and topics right at the start in order to consolidate all present and future content and make your website appear in search results.

How Can a Website Impact Your Business


Having a good website can boost your business’ credibility. What most don’t get is that in order to be able to get value from customers, you must provide value first. In the case of a business, that value must be given in spades before value is given back in return. This is true with business websites as most would pass up looking at them anyway, so you have to give them a good reason to look at yours. Once you’re able to provide that reason and have them looking and liking what you have, then you get a positive mark on their book.

Doing this consistently builds trust among your customers and audience towards you, as well as their engagement in your (hopefully consistent) online efforts. Your website, as well as your social media presence, should be consistent in order to gain and maintain your audience’s trust and support. In return, they become a constant source of leads that can help you increase your business’ revenue and bottom line.

But their support can’t remain without your support. Being able to provide good customer support will strengthen that trust and they will pass on the good word about your business to other people, thus making them join your audience as well. Whatever assistance you can offer them will be appreciated and will improve your credibility as they become convinced of how valuable their continued patronage is to your business.


There is much benefit to having a good website on your business, but it’s not something you just put up and leave to its own devices. You can’t expect results from it without updating and maintaining it, similar to a business. It may seem like more work, but you can get out what you put in it. With a good website and social media presence, you can take your business much further than before.


Rogelio Pagayon Jr. is a content writer and a consultant specialist at HostingFacts by day, a loving husband and a father to his daughter by night. His main interest is managing a content, online marketing, basic tech stuffs, Playing in a band with his officemates, and being the best husband and dad to his wife and daughter. Follow him on Google+ and Twitter.