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4 Ways to Increase Click-Through-Rate on E-mail Marketing Campaigns

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When done right, e-mail marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective online marketing channels for reaching a particular audience and bringing them back to your website. Once a user has visited your site and you’ve captured their contact information, e-mail campaigns can be incredibly beneficial in terms of staying top of mind with the user and reminding them of the products or services your brand can provide them with.

While it’s quite easy to say that simply launching an e-mail campaign can provide your brand with a plethora of new opportunities to convert users and generate leads, it isn’t that easy. Your e-mail must not only get read by recipients, but you ideally want users to continue interacting with your brand by clicking through to your website after they have opened the message.

With so many e-mails likely flooding the inbox of your audience, it’s essential that you keep in mind the following tactics as part of your strategic approach to e-mail marketing, or you run the risk of having your users hit the “delete” button.

1. A Strong CTA Design

What is the objective of your e-mail marketing campaign? Perhaps it is to encourage users to buy a particular product, or to request a quote for a certain service. Whatever the action is that you want users to take when they read your e-mail (most likely the same action that is going to drive them to click through to your site), you must make it easy to find and click on. Calls-to-action should be prominently located in the e-mail and designed in a way that allows them to be vibrant and bold so they stand out. Without encouraging the user to take a next step on your website, there is a good chance they won’t. Potential customers aren’t going to visit your site if it’s not easy to do so.

2. Craft Subject Lines That Reflect E-mail Content

Subject lines are your first chance to capture the interest of your potential customers. Without enticing language that makes the user want to open, read and interact with your e-mail, there’s a strong likelihood that your campaign will get skipped over or deleted. To cut through the clutter of an inbox, you need to spark curiosity. That being said, you should not craft subject lines that are irrelevant to your campaign simply to improve your open-rate, or your click-through rates will suffer as a result. Misleading the user to read or open your e-mail hurts your brand’s reputation and certainly will not make users want to visit your website.

3. Promote Onsite Content

Most users don’t want to spend a great deal of time reading through endless amounts of copy in an e-mail. Your e-mail campaigns should have concise messaging that is brief and to the point. You may have a lot of value that you want to share with users, but showcasing it all in an e-mail is not the correct approach. Instead, provide users with a ‘teaser’ bit of information, and allow them to ‘read more’ by clicking through to your website.

4. Make Sure Your E-mails Render Well on Mobile

Regardless of your industry, many of your customers are likely to open e-mails on their Smartphone or tablet. If your e-mail campaigns are not optimized for their devices and offer a poor user-experience, it goes without saying that recipients won’t be clicking through to your website.  Small image and font size, buttons not optimized for the size of a thumb (as opposed to a traditional mouse and keyboard), or copious amounts of copy don’t translate well on mobile devices where the screen is physically much smaller than a desktop. A responsive design e-mail ensures that regardless of the platform your recipients are accessing your e-mail on, it will appear as intended.

E-mail Marketing Best Practices

Like most marketing initiatives, focus on the needs of your users and what value they can obtain from your business. E-mail marketing is a great way to stay top of mind with users and improve the amount of repeat traffic you receive to your site. To cut through the clutter of an inundated inbox, make your e-mail initiatives convey your true differentiator in your respective industry.

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