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May 30, 2016

The Best Proofreading Tools for Bloggers

Image Credit: Kristina B via flickr

Writing articles without mistakes is a pretty tough assignment because the writer has to possess sufficient knowledge of grammar, punctuation and word selection to be able to write an excellent piece. It is also necessary to have knowledge of your topic to share with the readers in a way that is interesting and engaging.

One simple mistake can ruin the good impression of the blog and writer and make the reader look for their information on other blogs.

Today, many bloggers use online proofreading tools and services to complete the work in an efficient manner. This article lists seven of the best proofreading and editing tools on the Internet that have been reported as trustworthy and reliable.


Grammarly service combines many functions for bloggers and other writers who want to have an error-free text with appropriate word selection. The website has a simple interface and menu that has all the options for the user to select or deactivate, including proofreading, plagiarism checker, word selection and enhancement, style of the paper and many others. It can also be downloaded to your computer and used as an add-on to editing programs such as Microsoft Word, which is very convenient. The service is known to be effective for checking various types of works, from writing a Facebook post to composing a dissertation. One of the main advantages of Grammarly is the free use; those who want to get an extended package of functions can upgrade the accounts.


Another great tool for proofreading blog articles is an online service called Polish My Writing. It is one of the easiest to use and is an efficient and fast tool: the user needs to copy the written article into the editor and wait a few seconds for the results. The different categories of mistakes will be highlighted in different colors; for example, all the grammar mistakes will be marked with green and all spelling mistakes will be displayed in red. Just like Grammarly, this service also provides suggestions for active and passive voice.


This tool is perfect for bloggers because it offers a wide range of services, including effective proofreading of content. The visitors can select ‘blog editing’ in the menu to adjust the editor to change the style and generate a piece worth publishing on a high-profile Internet blog. In addition, PaperRater can eliminate repetitive phrases and check overall readability of the text.


This online service provides the users with the option of checking the text in many different languages, which is one of its main advantages. Other great benefits of SpellChecker include tips for word selection, plagiarism checker and identification of grammar and punctuation errors. It has been considered as a very easy-to-use and effective tool by many bloggers because it enables the checking of the entire blog for mistakes.

Royal Essays

This online custom writing service is a place where certified editors and proofreaders can be found and asked for help with checking the blog content. Given that the proofreading is carried out by humans, this is a great option for finding a more insightful expert. Awriter provides 24/7 support and services.


ProWritingAid is an online program that is remarkably efficient in helping to create mistake-free blog articles. The website provides an opportunity to create a free account and take advantage of the features without having to pay for premium. It has been reviewed as one of the best free online services.


Ginger is capable of helping enhance the productivity and efficiency of any blogger because it provides fast and effective writing corrections. Moreover, writers can choose to translate the text into a number of different languages and select appropriate words from the built-in dictionary. Many companies who have blog writers from foreign countries may find this service extremely useful.

These online proofreading tools for bloggers are used by hundreds of bloggers and other writers on a daily basis. They can help to turn any blog into a successful piece capable of reaching a great volume of visitors every day.


Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.