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June 3, 2016

Can a Good Logo Improve Conversion?

A business’ logo plays an important role in its marketing. Don’t you agree?

Naturally when you think of a company, you often think of its logo first.

Some examples of memorable logos are: Nike’s Swoosh, Apple’s sleek apple icon and Domino Pizza’s domino inspired logo. And one of the most famous logos in the world, is of course, McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches.’

Having a successful logo is beneficial to your marketing and it can help improve conversion too. Customers willingly return to brands they recognize and have a good relationship with. But having a good logo can also attract new visitors and convert them into customers.

Can a good logo improve conversion? Just by looking at the logos of successful businesses, we can see they play an important role when it comes to conversion rate. About its own marketing, McDonald’s has said, “Branding only works when an organization behaves and presents itself in a consistent way. Marketing communication methods, such as advertising and promotions, are used to create the colors, designs and images which give the brand its recognizable face. At McDonald’s this is represented by its familiar logo – the Golden Arches.”

A good logo is at the centre of a business’ successful marketing strategy. Consider your logo as the ‘face’ or ‘persona’ of your company; it gives your company an identity. People naturally engage with good logos and when a logo is able to inspire instant recognition it improves conversion.

This is how a good logo can improve conversion:

Logos attract visitors

When you think about some of the most unique logos out there, you can see why they are so attractive to customers. The best logos are designed to attract their target audience. During the creation process of a new logo, it is the norm to think about what colors, styles and images will best engage their target customers.


Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest’s logo may seem very basic, but the choice of font style and color successfully interacts with the interests of its target market. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that is used for inspiration that is ideal for creative-minded people. The bold font style is unique and the stylish handwriting style makes it attractive to their creative customers.

Being unique is a great design feature for logos because it makes them unforgettable, they stick with you after you’ve seen them.

This is why it’s so important to think about your target market during the creation of your logo, it must attract your ideal customers. Think about your demographic and their interests. Once you have the answers, you can plan an attractive logo that attracts your audience.

It does exactly what it says on the tin

Some of the best logos are so successful because the logo manages to symbolize both, the brand and the product/service.


Mentally, our brain processes visuals faster than words, in fact, 60,000 times faster. More than 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual information.

Seeing a logo for a brief few seconds can tell a customer a lot about a company, such as:

  • What does it sell?
  • Who is its target market?
  • What is its personality?

Your target market should be able to look at your logo, understand what your business is and find it relatable. During the creation process, it helps to create several examples of your logo and do market research to see what people think when they see your logo.

Good logos are effective signposts

When you’re walking down a busy city street, you can recognize most shops by the logo alone. Seeing a logo is a symbolic message for customers and seeing a logo can answer a customer’s needs.

“I’m hungry, oh there’s the Golden Arches, let’s go to McDonald’s.” “I need to buy a new phone, there’s the apple icon, I’ll pop into Apple to have a look.” “I fancy going to the gym this weekend, I need new running shoes, I recognize that Swoosh, it’s a Nike shop.”


McDonald’s Sign

McDonald’s Sign

Sometimes, customers don’t even need a ‘need’ for a logo to have a persuasive effect.

Wei Shan Chin, Lynn R. Kahle, and C. H. Kim claim, “Image creation provides a unique vehicle for communication with consumers… [and it can] evoke unique psychological patterns of behavior in consumers.”

A good and memorable logo instantly answers a customer’s needs. As you associate logos with a business’ brand and services, just seeing a logo can encourage consumers into a shop or to shop online.

It’s Engaging

Finally, good logos are engaging. The best logos out there are successful because they are created with their target market in mind. Great logos don’t just represent the name of the company but they also represent an engaging personality that customers can relate to.


Oreo Logo

Oreo Logo

With the catchphrase ‘Open up to Wonder,’ Oreo’s big, bold and circular logo resonates with its biscuit products. If you follow Oreo on any social media platforms, its marketing is centred on sharing fun and quirky pictures of their biscuits. Its big and bold logo is friendly and approachable, making it instantly engaging — it’s a simple logo too but it’s very effective.

Good logos can improve conversion

Just by looking at some of the most successful logos, we can see they improve conversion. Logos can attract new customers. They have the capability to encourage specific behavior and persuade customers to buy. Great logos can summon an emotional connection with their customers so they remain faithful to a business rather than shopping elsewhere.

This is why it’s so important to create a good and effective logo. Of course it’s easier said than done but, if you can achieve that goal, you can create a logo that attracts new consumers and engages with your current customers.