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June 9, 2016

15 Facts About Wiki Software You Need to Know About

Wiki software is great to use in your workplace. It works in a variety of industries by allowing people within a business to share information in real-time.

The information can be easily edited at various situations and can be accessed by anyone within a business. This can be a perfect option when it comes to managing your data, but it’s important to know a few key facts about Wiki software before you start using it.

1. You only need plain text files to make it work.

Aside from the Wiki software that you’ll use to get setup, no special software programs are necessary. You can simply get plain text files that you create on any website to go onto a Wiki program. You can upload this information and get it online in real-time with as little effort as needed.

2. Wikis have to be properly monitored to ensure their data is protected and accurate.

Because anyone can add to and edit a Wiki, you need to watch for how the data that you are using is made available. The data must be accurate and protected so it will not be at risk of being lost or improperly edited. Fortunately, a program can often be designed so specific logins will be required to gain access to data that can be edited.

3. This is all group-based.

The problem with many knowledge-based programs is that it can be a challenge for you to update a base on your own. It will be easier for more people within the workplace to edit a Wiki.

4. Many programs are made with open source architecture.

Open source programs are easy to alter and adjust to your liking. The majority of Wiki software programs are open source and are easy to adjust to your preference — that, however, can only be done with the assistance of the IT department. So, looking for SaaS options could be better if you want to reduce your IT expenses.

5. Wiki software can work with many multimedia files.

You can use Wiki software to upload video and audio files among other multimedia files. For instance, a company that sells cars might use Wiki software to upload pictures and videos of their cars in action on their Wiki database. This allows people to easily look at different cars that the company has made available.

6. Wiki software works on every operating system.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Linux system or a Windows system among others. You can use Wiki software to get information out no matter what operating system you have.

7. Page permissions may be added.

Sometimes pages on a Wiki might contain sensitive data. This is especially the case for a financial institution that is trying to keep certain pieces of data secure from hackers. You can use page permissions to allow people to access certain pages by using a proper password.

8. The page history feature will let you keep tabs on what changes come about.

One of the greatest concerns that can arise when using Wiki software is improper edits on your site. You can avoid the problems associated with these by keeping page histories. Wiki software will give you access to prior versions of pages so you can revert back to old editions of your data if needed.

9. Information on how many visitors come to your pages will be included.

You can always get information on how many people are visiting your pages through your Wiki software. The analytics features can help you to determine how many people are coming onto your individual pages, thus giving you an idea of what the most popular topics in your Wiki are.

10. You can choose to add forums to your pages.

Individual page forums may be added to allow people to exchange information on what they can do to update or improve upon a certain page. This can make it easier for information to be accessible and more useful as needed.

11. Image galleries can be added.

Perhaps you might have a need to add more pictures of a product that your business wants to highlight. You can add image galleries to your Wiki pages to show off more pictures of anything you have. A car dealer, for instance, can use this to show off images of individual cars that he wants to sell.

12. CAPTCHA support may be included.

You can use CAPTCHA support for a good Wiki software program. This wards off spammers that might try to add information on a Wiki without your permission. CAPTCHA support necessitates information being entered into the program before a proper Wiki edit can be used.

13. Page indexes can be added.

Page indexes make it easier for people to go around individual pages on a Wiki. A page index will list information on the different topics that are on a Wiki or a particular section. Users can then go between individual pages on the same spot. This makes it easier for such indexes to be used well.

14. E-mail notifications are not always required but they might help.

If you have a smaller Wiki then you can use e-mail notifications. This can alert you to cases where data on a Wiki has been changed.
In addition, you can always use e-mail notifications for when very specific pages on a Wiki are edited. You can ask to receive alerts on certain pages or even send those alerts to specific e-mail addresses that might be more interested in the changes as they come along.

15. The template of your Wiki can be altered in any way you see fit.

The company colors that you use can be added to your Wiki to make it stand out. When used properly, your Wiki template will have a strong look, matching up with whatever your company wants to use.


David Miller is an educational researcher who has several years of experience in the field of teaching, online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. Currently, he is pursuing research in online knowledge-based software and is also a contributing author with ProProfs.