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June 29, 2016

3 Shopping Apps to Increase Your Sales

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“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”

— Joel Anderson, Former Wal-Mart CEO

Making a name for any new brand is extremely difficult in the online world. There are a plethora of behemoth businesses to compete with, immense social noise and clutter to cut through, search engine challenges and expensive marketing tactics galore. The whole experience can feel utterly overwhelming.

Yet, despite the difficulties, the online environment holds a vast sea of possibilities for building a retail business. The power of marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others has allowed for anyone to go into business for themselves. But even ranking on Amazon can be a massive undertaking with the legions of other sellers to compete with.

If you are one of the many online retailers looking to amplify your sales, you should look to one of the most powerful forces online today; social media. Websites like Facebook and Instagram allow for millions to be reached at the click of a button. By integrating your offerings with platforms like these, you can potentially drive loads more sales than you would elsewhere.

To help you boost the number of purchases made through your business each month, here are three apps that can leverage the power of social media to help you sell big.

1. Spreesy

Most are aware that they can transform their business’ Facebook page into a digital storefront. With Spreesy, however, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profiles all become miniature shopping websites.

Spreesy is a social eCommerce application that reforms nearly all of your social profiles into shop-friendly storefronts. Product posts can be created in seconds and instantly posted to various social networks. Customers can make purchases directly on the platforms by simply leaving a comment with their e-mail address. The app will then send the consumer a checkout link and they can pay via PayPal. Additionally, when users link their social accounts with Spreesy, the app generates a free shopping site within the platform. Spreesy also offers useful features such as a subscription tool that allows customers to subscribe to your social stores and receive e-mail notifications on new product posts.

Spreesy is already in use by more than 40,000 merchants across the globe and continuing to grow. Plus, Spreesy is 100 percent free; no services fees, commissions, and most importantly, no risk involved.

2. iBuySell

iBuySell is a brand new mobile application that touts an original idea in the world of eCommerce. This mobile platform puts a new spin on the auction process by democratizing buying and selling through real-time, 90-second sale rounds. Here’s how it works:

Retailers upload their product images, descriptions, as well as maximum and minimum prices they wish to sell their items for, and iBuySell then schedules a live sale round for the merchandise. Once the sale goes live, the price of the product will continue to drop until a consumer hits the “freeze” button, which effectively stops the cycle, locks in the price and sells the item to that person.

This type of model creates an exciting shopping experience for customers and provides them with a sense of urgency to buy products they want before they are snatched up by someone else. And since the minimum price is never displayed to shoppers, they have no idea how low the price might go.

This type of setup allows retailers to move their merchandise more quickly and get paid faster. IBuySell also offers up a bunch of great features like the ability to drive traffic to their other storefronts on other sales channels, social sharing features to help amplify a brand’s number of potential buyers, discount codes for shoppers and so much more.

3. Shopseen

Shopseen is another eCommerce platform capable of integrating with various social networks to help drive traffic and boost sales. Shopseen harmonizes with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and it even allows users to integrate other shopping platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and more.

Shopseen is easy to use — merchants just upload their product photos and the price in the caption. From there, the image will also appear on a mobile page where consumers can purchase the item using their credit card or Stripe account. And Shopseen does not require consumers to set up an account to make a purchase.

The app allows users to schedule social media posts for products, create buy buttons on platforms like Twitter (along with a scheduling feature for that too), and it integrates with shipping services like USPS, UPS and FedEx. Shopseen also shows users all of their orders across all of digital storefronts in a single place, allows for shipping labels to be purchased at reduced rates, and offers various price scales to meet a variety of budgets.

Leveraging social media is one of the most powerful things you as an e-retailer can do. Not only do these platforms have near unlimited potential for growth, but you are tapping into a market that is already aware of your existence and likes your offering; they wouldn’t be following you otherwise. These apps allow for business owners to take advantage of the hard work they have already done on other platforms and bring those benefits to new platforms or deliver the goods straight to consumers on social; either way it is a win-win situation for your business.

What other mobile apps allow e-retailers to harness the power of social media? What is your favorite mobile app to sell your merchandise through?


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