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July 1, 2016

10 Free WordPress Plugins with Premium Features

The entire WordPress audience is more or less familiar with a ‘freemium’ pricing strategy; you get a product/service free of charge, but limited in options. Some users are fine with bare-bone features of a free solution, but others want to get all possible functionality and have to pay for it.

The plugins in the list below are already quite popular and got mostly positive user reviews, so you may find some that will be of use to you.


This is a powerful media library plugin that will help you build stunning and feature-rich galleries and handle various files. It comes packaged with handy interface managing galleries, images and audio files. Installing the plugin, you can handle unlimited number of files: albums, galleries and playlists. Images with captions from WordPress Media Library, Flagallery plugin and from NextGen Gallery can be easily imported to your Gmedia Library built with this plugin. There are a lot of developers who provide some of the mentioned options within their products as paid ones. See the main plugin features below:

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly galleries;
  • Regular post format support;
  • Integration with WP search;
  • Custom fields for files and albums (developers are able to create their own modules);
  • Album files are sorted with drag-and-drop;
  • Images added to the posts from the library;
  • Image editor with filters;
  • Shortcodes for posts;
  • Import of the files;
  • Public and private (for logged-in users) statuses for all files;
  • Geolocation support for photos.


BJ Lazy Load

This is a very useful module for increasing your website speed and, as a result, your SEO rankings. It can be used on multi-purpose websites to make your site load faster, saving bandwidth. It’s applied to all of your post images, thumbnails, content iframes and text widgets with a special placeholder and loads your site quicker. Moreover, it works for embedded YouTube, Vimeo and other videos. It’s really easy to use and very efficient. Discover more features:

  • Ability to lazy load other theme images and iframes using a simple filter;
  • Compatibility with the RICG Responsive Images plugin for responsive images;
  • Translated in four languages.


Timetable & Event Schedule

Such a plugin can come in handy on multi-purpose websites that deal with various sorts of events: lessons, gym classes, workshops, conferences, concerts, festivals, and much more. It can be used to timetable events with strict time frames or to simply feature your planning/announcements of future events. It comes with two main elements: a clean-looking timetable and an upcoming events widget (is shown only when close future events take place). Let’s look at the major features that can be considered premium:

  • Clean table layout and handy shortcode settings;
  • Ability to choose what columns should be displayed in the timetable;
  • Hour measures (up to 15 minutes accurate time) and an option to entirely hide hours column;
  • Event filter styles: drop-down list or tabs;
  • Customizable event parameters (title, subtitle, description, event head, featured image) and options to feature only preferable timetable events;
  • Options to link events to external websites;
  • Color settings for all events to suit your website design;
  • Ability to hide empty rows (without events).


Broken Link Checker

You may never have to worry about unnoticed broken links on your site again. This plugin will automatically check your website content (comments, posts, images, etc.) notifying you when any link is broken or an image is missing. It’s time for robots to do all the automatic and boring work of monitoring. What are the main features of the plugin? Tons!

  • Overall monitoring the links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields;
  • Accurate detection of the links that don’t work;
  • Dashboard and/or e-mail notifications about broken links;
  • Links filtering (by URL, anchor text, etc.);
  • Ability to prevent search engines from following the broken links (optional);
  • Opportunity to edit the links via plugin without going to the actual page/post;
  • Translated into numerous languages.


Wp Review

This is another great and popular plugin for websites that constantly deal with improving interactions with the website visitors. It offers more options and loads faster than many other paid plugins in the niche. It lets you create reviews with all must-have features: stars, percentages, points, review scores, etc. The reviews will look great on devices with different sizes of viewports. The plugin also lets you customize the color scheme to suit the website design. Some cool features include:

  • Lightweight plugin with minimal modern design and all necessary rating options;
  • Compatible with majority of the themes and caching plugins;
  • Supports Google Rich Snippets;
  • Global position and Global Colors support;
  • Widget to show recent and popular reviews;
  • WP Multisite and Multiuser (WPMU / WPMS / WordPress MU) compatible;
  • Supports custom fields.


Footer Putter

Create one of the most essential parts of a website with ease: build a footer that will rock for both humans and search engine robots. This plugin helps you create two widgets: Footer Copyright and Trademarks. When these two widgets are put on your site, they will let the Internet world know that your business meets all the required standards of your industry and that you know how to deal with all brand and business nuances. Take a look at the following features the plugin provides:

  • Creates the links footer connected to Contact, Privacy and Terms and Conditions Page;
  • Changes the copyright statement each year automatically;
  • Includes your phone number, postal and e-mail addresses;
  • Supports single line centred footer and a multi-line right aligned footer;
  • Numerous predefined classes to adjust the footer style;
  • Automatic HTML5 support.



This plugin will help you transform any generic annoying pop-up into creative design elements and calls-to-action. It was developed to create more attractive pop-ups, hello-bars, side-ins and various notifications. It’s a well-tested marketing tool with 60 percent click through rates and can become one of your marketing channels absolutely free of charge. This is an ultimate solution to capture leads and build strong connections with your audience, increase overall engagement and decrease bounce rates. What does it offer? A lot of cool things:

  • Managing all campaigns and messages from a single screen;
  • 20 stunning themes to fit your website design;
  • Creates different types of pop-ups, header/footer bars, notifications, messengers;
  • Targeting rules;
  • Timing controls of messages appearing;
  • Compatibility with auto-responders, many popular plugins and themes;
  • Unique Headline generator;
  • Support for HD Videos / Audio or any other multimedia content;
  • Multi Site, WPML compatible;
  • Free and premium addons available.



Postie is quite an unusual plugin with a lot to offer. Its main goal is to help you create posts by e-mail with an ability to assign categories by name, include media files like images and videos, and strip off the signatures automatically. It includes a lot of unique features you won’t find in default WordPress settings. Moreover, it fully supports IMAP and POP3. Check out more features below:

  • Control who gets to post via e-mail;
  • Customize categories, statuses, post formats, post types, dates, comments;
  • Plain text/HTML e-mail versions support;
  • Removeable headers and footers in e-mail;
  • Gallery support;
  • Ability to set the first image as a featured one;
  • Templates for images, videos, audio files and other files.


WordPress Zero Spam 

A spam-free site is a dream of a lot of website owners. This solution can definitely help you clean up spam on your site for free. What’s really outstanding about this plugin, is it comes with support of popular plugins like Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, BuddyPress, WP Forms and Contact Form 7. WordPress Zero Spam works by blocking registration spam and comments spam automatically without any additional settings. The core opportunities of the plugin are listed below:

  • No captcha to enhance the overall user experience;
  • No moderation process;
  • Blocking of 99.9 percent of spam registrations and comments;
  • Support of caching plugins;
  • Blocking of spammy IPs;
  • Optional logging to the see the info about spammers;
  • Advanced setting for more control.


If you found any useful solution for your WordPress website, grab the needed one for free and enjoy its premium possibilities.


Ann Taylor is a WordPress, open source, and folk music lover. She likes blogging and learning SEO techniques.