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Facebook Tossing Out Paper App as of July 29

Facebook image — Facebook's Paper app in action.

Facebook is pulling the plug on news curation app Paper.

Facebook image
Facebook image

Launched in January 2014, Paper mixed content from a user’s news feed with posts and articles from “emerging voices and well-known publications” and displayed it together in a new interface.

The app, which has already disappeared from the App Store, is no longer receiving support or updates and, in a message sent to Paper users, Facebook said it will no longer be possible to login to the app as of July 29.

“We know that Paper really resonated with you – the people who used it – so we’ve tried to take the best aspects of it and incorporate them into the main Facebook app. For example, the same team that built Paper also built Instant Articles—a fast and interactive experience for reading articles in News Feed—using many of the same tools, design elements, and fundamental ideas as Paper,” Facebook said in the message. “We know not all the features you love will move over to Facebook, but we hope you’ll continue to notice elements from Paper improving the Facebook experience for everyone.”

Paper worked much like Flipboard. Users would simply tilt their Smartphone to scroll through panoramic photos from corner to corner, and to get a close up view of faces and other important details. It also offered full-screen auto-play videos, gave stories eye-catching, full-screen covers and enabled articles to unfold in the app and appear fullscreen.

When a user wanted to share a story of his or her own, a live preview gave the person a chance to see it as it would appear before posting it.

Users were able to share articles by e-mail, text message and Facebook message.

(Via Tech Crunch)

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  • This is something like a long jump for FB. They have tried with Instant Articles which never made it to the publishers and bloggers, instead, they jump into Google’s AMP. Let’s see how things go for this app now.

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