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July 14, 2016

10 Deadly Web Design Sins You Need to Avoid

Web design is a tricky subject. People have different opinions about what constitutes a good Web design. Some believe that websites need to have a sleek, updated and modern design, while others feel Web design is not important as long as it allows you to do what you want. Both of these opinions are correct and depend on the industry, but how do you figure out what design is the right one for you?

Below are some of the Web design sins that need to be avoided if you want to have a good looking and functioning website.

1. A Difficult to Navigate Design

Keep the Web design layout simple and easy for users to navigate. An organized and neat layout, visible contact information and clear call to action are imperative to making your site easy to navigate.

2. Small Or Hard-to-Read Fonts

Using fonts that are hard to read is a serious design mistake and if you want to increase the readability of the website you need to choose a greater font size. Remember that different fonts have different sizes, so keep this in mind when choosing a font for your website.

3. A Non-Optimized Website for Mobiles

Another deadly sin of Web design is not optimizing your website for mobile use. More than 51 percent of adults in the U.S. use their mobile devices to browse the Internet. Google has also noticed that and released a new update that encourages owners to optimize their websites for mobile use if they want to be ranked higher.

4. A Messy Homepage

The homepage is the beginning of the journey to your customers, so they do not need to be overwhelmed by everything a business does all at once. Limit the activities to those that are essential – if you place too many links, users will get lost on your website.

5. An Excessive Amount of Stock Photography

There are tons of websites filled with stock photography and this makes it appear cheap. Users are not fans of this and are taking precautions, so your website needs to look legitimate in order to gain trust from the customers.

6. Forcing Content Into Design

Choosing a design template first and then forcing the content to fit into that template is another deadly Web design sin. People visit websites to gain information. Web design is important, but content is more important. Web design needs to be built around the content, not the other way around.

7. Not Optimized or Speed

A website that has too many graphics only slows down the webpage. Page speed has a great impact both on search engine rankings and online user experience. Do not overload the website with too many graphics that take forever to load.

8. Not Showcasing a Service Or Product

Customers visit the website because they want to buy the service or product. Having engaging content is important, it can bring more visitors to the website, but content should never be put before the service or product.

9. Low Contrast Fonts

Another deadly sin of Web design is using low contrast fonts — meaning a light font on a light background, or dark font against a dark background. This is hard to read, so try to focus on high contrast fonts.

10. Functionality And Design Errors

A website is an extension of a business in many cases, and the customers’ first exposure to the brand. If the website is not finished or takes too much time to load, or does not load on different screen sizes, the customers will leave.

The path to redemption is simple, if you follow these guidelines when you are optimizing or creating your website, you will be able to craft a better and more functional design that your customers will love.


Siya Carla is a social media enthusiast with a background as Web and UI designer, and is social media manager of Finoit. She has deep inclination toward writing about emerging technologies, Web and mobile app development and other technology related topics.