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July 15, 2016

Ways CRM Adoption Creates Seamless Revenue Making Opportunities

“Make a customer, not a sale.”

— Katherine Barchetti

In today’s highly competitive business world, it’s not that easy. Building and maintaining customer relationships has become tougher than ever before. Customers, now have multiple options available right at their fingertips to reach out to your business. So, in order to sustain long-term success, companies need to administer agile technologies for delivering fast and more reliable customer service.

These agile technologies create seamless possibilities for improving customer service and deal with customer data more efficiently. Data emerges every second, but bulk of data doesn’t imply better results. Adopting the right tools to transform this data into customer insights actually makes the difference by enabling businesses to make informed decisions and create product lines in sync with the customers’ buying patterns.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software and contact management software are all-in-one solutions to manage interactions with prospects, customers, business clients. These technologies are increasingly being adopted by large number of companies to obtain high-quality rewards in terms of improved revenues and customer satisfaction. Well, the CRM technology benefits are some of the obvious reasons behind its increasing adoption rate.

CRM is emerging as one of the leading enterprise software categories due to its ability to manage social media, business-to-business transactions and entire customer data on the same platform.

Sales Process Automation

Advanced contact management features of CRM allow marketers to add information comprehensively in customers’ profiles such as previous deals information, the stage of the buying process a lead is in and using this customer data to customize promotional and special offers. Microsoft dynamics CRM enables you to create effective ad campaigns and identify sales opportunity. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM campaign you can easily assign opportunities to campaign, track its conversion rates, response rates and generate new leads.

According to Aberdeen Research reports, companies that implement CRM solutions have 40 percent better team attainment of quotas, 14.8 percent better customer retention rates, and 41.7 percent better individual sales rep attainment of quotas, as well as take better insights into the sales pipeline.

CRM solutions allow you to automate sales process tasks. By using sales force automation, businesses can forecast sales functionalities that help to figure out future sales figures based upon customers’ buying patterns, historical data and spot under-targeted market segments. Sales force automation is a one-stop solution to automate the sales process by pulling up data from customer interaction modules, It enables users to track each other’s activity and create in-depth productivity reports to track each sales representative performance.

Framing Marketing Campaign Using CRM and Social Data

Every action taken by an online user is a great revenue-making opportunity. Users or customers create data every second by answering a survey question, subscribing to a newsletter or through any other type of social media engagement which helps to gain better understanding of the target audience and customize online experiences accordingly.

Usually based upon e-mail addresses, CRM helps to manage customer data of existing customers and prospects. CRM has immense potential to revamp customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamic CRM gives you flexibility to listen to social media and analyze rate of customer engagement. Combining CRM and social data capabilities, customers’ information can be categorized to design marketing campaigns which helps to boost the number of qualified leads.

.No more losing track of issues that crop up on changing channels of communication. CRM helps to get a detailed, granular view of customer interactions. Marketers can track and monitor the way customers engage at the individual level to frame out a broad overview of a brand’s accessibility. Proper analysis of customer behavior and their respective target markets helps to develop a much more targeted marketing campaigns.

Uniting CRM with Predictive Dialer

One amazing benefit of CRM software is visibility. Visibility adds efficiency to the work process, streamlines the process and makes it more time efficient, all of which leads to better client relationships. Salespeople should take comprehensive view of customer accounts, which makes them more aware of client needs, more responsive.

CRM can help to reap promising results in its contact center. This plays a critical role in improving the call center performance and maximizes its potential of creating more meaningful engagements leading to double-glazing sales numbers. As, discussed above, CRM offers flexibility to get complete visibility of customer accounts that make work more efficient and easier to complete.

CRM in combination with a predictive dialer, amplifies your business’ potential many times over. For instance, an inbound caller can be matched with CRM. In this case, found contact information, orders and other user activities are shown in agent’s streamlined dialer view. If a lead is generated while cold calling with the help of predictive dialer then it can be sent to the CRM. In this way, CRM helps to get the best out of both worlds and fastens the call handling process.

Final Takeaway

Administering CRM solutions not only helps to unlock new revenue, it enables businesses to get the best out of closed deals. Companies have a much more accurate way to monitor various business operations and conduct more relevant and authentic conversations with customers.


Shraddha Tewari, a skilled and accomplished ‘Sr. Digital Strategist’ possesses diverse professional experience in developing technology-oriented content and is formally associated with ‘SAMM Data’ which primarily provides eCommerce Management Services. She keeps a strong interest in reading and writing about entrepreneurship & business growth journey, online marketplaces, cloud computing and latest software developments. This tech-savvy content specialist prefers Smartphones and internet as her best companion.